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Insidious Interlok-ing Agenda for Absolute Power

"If cannot Live by the Law, then you shall Die by the Law"

Please note that it was reported by The Star that the Govt has decided to allow the Importing & publication of Malay Bibles- without restrictions. Despite this, many still are quite suspicious of the BN Govt's sincerity, which remains to be seen.
(I for one- wouldn't jump for joy, when the Govt has only done what was obviously right, and was practised since "Merdeka" - until some people decided to ignore the FC and make/interpret/impose laws as they please).
This is because, it is quite obvious that this Govt is known for its flip-flopping policies announced by "porn-legalizing sycophants"- moreover we all know how desperate BN is to score brownie-points in Sarawak.
Read this, and you'll know what I mean:- Hisham says Alkitab decision ‘not finalised’- as these are leaders who shrink, every time someone apparently "speaks in the name of Islam".
Meanwhile, The Perak Mufti has thrown a challenge to the Govt, as reported in "Mufti dares Putrajaya to drop Allah enactment". It may be advisable for Tuan Haji Harussani to read and fully understand the Federal Constitution of Malaysia- of which he's a subject, and to which he owes his allegiance and legal legitimacy/authority. He could also read up on it on what was written by Prof Shad Faruqi on this matter, in - Jurisdiction of State Authorities to punish offences against the precepts of Islam: A Constitutional Perspective.

Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said today the federal government will not bow to fresh demands from Chinese groups to remove the controversial “Interlok” novel from the school syllabus.

Civil society groups and other concerned individuals should not be taken in by Education Minister Muhyiddin Yassin’s statement that the Interlok issue has been resolved....
Interlok is a beach head for the Little Napoleons and other Ketuanan bureaucrats to impose their agenda of educational and cultural seppuku on a young captive audience.....
The history and moral subjects have already been tampered with.
Currently the focus is on language and literature.
What will be next?”

In keeping with the continuing bigoted spirit of the Pirates of the Constitution who give us their brand of "good governance" for 50 years, there are what appears to me to be two major issues simultaneously at play currently in the Malaysian political scene :-

First is the subtle propaganda of inter-racial hatred perpetrated by certain agencies,
Second the use of one religion (Islam, specifically) to restrict the constitutional liberties of citizens.

However, be sure of one thing ..... Both serve only one agenda- the subversion of the Federal Constitution - which happens to be the raison d'etre of Malaysia as a Federation. Consequently, this would shred the very fabric of our beloved nation, by instilling mutual disrespect, hatred and suspicion amongst the peoples of Malaysia- and this in turn would justify the draconian laws like the ISA and the denial of Constitutional liberties.

Before we go into the "interlok-ing" issues of a condescending Racist literature and the Al-Kitab, I suggest that readers go to "Interlok – When a language lesson isn’t about language"
and "Justifying the Subversion of the Federal Constitution?" to know what exactly is going on in Malaysia with these two "interlok-ing" issues.

"This is a political game that if allowed to continue, will damage the freedom to write” said Pena deputy president Amiruddin Md Ali Hanafiah.
The matter has been settled. If raised again, it will cause racial tension," said the Gapena secretary Zainal Abidin Borhan.

How, demanding that a piece of condescending literature be withdrawn from the school syllabus by concerned parents would "damage the freedom to write", (meaning the Malay literary creativity would be stunted) is truly beyond my comprehension.
(As it is their literary talents are pathetic- just when you thought that they cannot get any worse, someone comes around claiming otherwise .... I don't see how things could get any worse, anyway).
BTW- When was the matter "settled"? As far as I know, the panelists suggestions were ignored, and they withdrew. Nobody agreed to the unilaterally "settled" final decision of the racists. How can they say that it promotes unity, when many citizens are offended by it? As for "causing racial tension"- isn't that precisely the reason why we want "Interlok" withdrawn?
How can that be a cause for any tension?

Our position is that there should be no restrictions, proscriptions or prohibitions whatsoever on the Bible or the use of the language of our choice in the practice of our religion, as it was in the days before and after the formation of Malaysia,” CFM said.
The home minister says,“I hope they can come to a solution that is fair and reasonable,”

Now what can be so unfair about the Federal Constitution, which makes the Home Minister say such a thing? What is so unfair about our Constitutional rights?
Are you saying it is fair to have the Islamic enactment imposed upon law abiding citizens who don't subscribe to them?
Is it fair to restrict the sane into straitjackets simply because the insane wish to project their delusional fears & paranoia upon others?

These agent provocateurs do not mince their words when they choose to belittle or humiliate those outside their sphere of influence when they raise the Kris calling for blood,
justify cowhead demonstrations,
say that people may complain that the Bibles are smelly,
deny religious liberties and privileges granted under Article 11 of the Federal Constitution,
insist that students read what is deemed insulting/ belittling of their heritage,
insist that Non-Muslims subject themselves to the Islamic Syariah/ Enactments,
instigate conflict at churches through sms, or
even justify pornography in the name of "good intentions".

In fact, IMHO (I'm no lawyer, okay- so think about it), many of the actions perpetrated by "some people" in power today, clearly contravenes/ violates .....
Act 574, The Penal Code of Malaysia which states that :
298A. (1) Whoever by words, either spoken or written, or by signs,
or by visible representations, or by any act, activity or conduct,
or by organizing, promoting or arranging,
or assisting in organizing, promoting or arranging, any activity,
or otherwise in any other manner—
(a) causes, or attempts to cause, or is likely to cause
disharmony, disunity, or feelings of enmity, hatred or ill will;
(b) prejudices, or attempts to prejudice, or is likely to prejudice,
the maintenance of harmony or unity,
on grounds of religion,
between persons or groups of persons
professing the same or different religions,
shall be punished with
for a term of not less than two years
and not more
than five years.
and they should be aware that:

(7) It shall not be a defence to any charge under this section
to assert that what the offender is charged with doing
was done in any honest belief in,
or in any honest interpretation of,
any precept, tenet or
teaching of any religion.

So right now, the Govt has control over the Police, the Army, Education, Economy, Immigration, Islam (and evangelization/dakwah to Muslims), Judiciary, Monarchy, Parliament, political liberties (ISA/Police Act/Emergency Ordinances), the media (PPPA), right to information (OSA), activism (UUCA), Election Commission, MACC, etc etc etc.

It is my opinion that the "ruling elite" in this country has been using its twisted reasonings & policies to subjugate, repress or discriminate against minorities/ voiceless/ dispossessed- and consequently subvert the existing laws on matters ranging from the economy/ business/ finance, to education, religion and to even your private life.
In fact, it would be quite reasonable to presume that the majority are "successfully repressed & blinded" without their knowledge, by keeping them ignorant of the rape and plunder of the nation's resources through lies & deception.

For now, all religions (except Islam) have the liberty to govern their own affairs. (Islam is Constitutionally under Govt control- although it is supposed to be under the purview of the Monarchy).
So, when Dr. Lim Teck Ghee asks "What will be next?"- I say that it is the Non-Muslim religious institutions of Malaysia, which is the last bastion of freedom in Malaysia.

So, "Non-Muslim Religions" is the final frontier which Umno wishes to control.
Hence it will be the Bibles, Granth Sahib, Analects, Ramayana, Mahabharata, Sutras, Tripitakas etc etc etc, of course!
With that, all temples & churches will come under Govt control too- therefore, absolute POWER.
Take note- Beyond the Federal Constitution, we as citizens owe no allegiance to anybody- not the so-called "Government", not Umno, not BN, not Pakatan and not even the Constitutional Monarchy of which we are loyal subjects.

So all you guys who talk about Loyalty and Patriotism- get misled by pirates.
Don't listen to the hogwash from pedophiles who screen pornography, or politicians who justify them in the name of "good intentions".
Nor should you listen to Mr. Altantuya, Mr. Kris, Mr. "don tok shit(3times)", the Kangkung Profs in our IPTs, the "social contractors", sexist MPs, or the 1-Malaysia nonsense.
Take it from me- that your loyalty should be to the Federal Constitution first , and then to the Laws of Malaysia (through acts of Parliament) .... and only then do those who serve and derive their powers (constitutional or otherwise) to rule from these laws.

Or else, you are duty bound to defy them.
Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
That is Patriotism.



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