Friday, 1 April 2011

It's bullshit and a lie, Aminuddin!

"A Voice" says:- "It's bullshit and a lie, Aminuddin!"

Thursday, March 31, 2011

After two years, where is IDR's Perak Amanjaya blueprint?
Or it remain only concept on his fingers?

How is Barisan Nasional to defend Perak when officials in Government and Government-sponsored institute do not heed our warning and remain stubborn? And then come out with a reply that avoids the issue and tries to bullshit and lie.

Does he think we are stupid or something?

It is a discomfort for this blogger to be expected to restrain himself and not play his role because there are those who believe Perak is not quite you call a safe state and one eye should be closed to wrongdoings.

In fact, it is because if Perak is not quite you call a safe state, there is more reasons that there should be no compromise on good governance, efficient use of state resources, and combat against wrongful practices of corruption, cronyism and nepotism or KKN, as some faction in UMNO used to call.

If BN is to lose Perak now, not a single sen must be allowed to leak for some politician to make hay while sunshine.

It is because honesty, integrity and effectiveness in governing and bringing peace, harmony and abundance to the rakyat will be the premise for the people to yearn to see BN return to power.

Barisan Nasional wants to remain in power in Perak forever, thus small things must not be allowed to add up to be a problem.

With that bit of sermon, the response by Institut Darul Ridzuan (IDR)'s CEO, Aminuddin Amin's (read in Perak Today here) on our allegation of the wrongful manner in the appointment of Talent Solution as consultant for PEKA (read past posting here and here) is best described as a dud.

"It's bullshit and a lie, Aminuddin!"

In case, Aminuddin or anyone would like to point fingers or blame others for this bloggers writing, mind you that is an insult. This blogger is quite aware that Aminuddin have been openly expressing that thought.

Let me say this to him, "F**k you!"

This blogger answers to nobody and can be told by nobody. This blog is not one of those that mushroomed after BN's loss after 2008 and need to be encouraged, trained and taught to blog. No offense intended to those bloggers.

In case this mother*ucker does not know, this blog existed since 2005, 6 *ucking years ago. This blogger have been in the political cyberwar defending BN and UMNO since the reformasi days and have a sleepy Prime Minister with a wicked son-in-law as casualty in his batch of honour.

Don't ever *ucking say that someone can *ucking tell me to write this and that. I will write what I want to write and at my own time, *ucker!

Because I have been insulted, my reply will not be kind.

How can Aminuddin deny that Talent Solution is not his crony and claim that the individuals involved in the company have been in the business for 15 years?

Read back what is written here and tell us how he could make such claim?

Kota Damansara based, Talent Solution is only registered three month ago. The two Directors of Talent Solution are Wan Azrain, former Education Manager with NCER and Amie Yusnizar, administrative assitance with an American bottling plant in Petaling Jaya.

Both of them probably never had a total 15 years employment experiance. Neither have they any recruitment or job placement experiance nor are they Perakians.

Aminuddin was quoted on video saying, "Yang lebih penting, kita juga mengambil faktor semangat syarikat ini yang mana tunggak Talent Solution ialah anak jati Perak dan mereka ini mahu bersama-sama IDR untuk membangunkan negeri ini."

He *ucking lied!

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