Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Pembela looking for an "Omega Watch" to hurt Christians?

When Pembela protests that adhering to the Article 11 of the Federal Constitution is an "Insult to Islam", isn't he actually the one insulting the founding fathers of Malaysia or Islam for that matter - through their ignorance?

Never mind that one moron thinks that it was the Brits who brought Christianity to Colonial Peninsular States or that Malaysia is "Tanah Melayu" (without acknowledging the existence of Sabah/Sarawak which were instrumental to the creation of Malaysia) - but when an unthinking law lecturer misses the trees for the woods and stands with those who threaten violence, you wonder what kind of education these imbeciles provide at the International Islamic University Malaysia- that too in law!!

I'd be ashamed of the Christians, had the situation been reversed and one of them uttered the words Pembela did .... to me, it's unthinkable to have such moronic "intellectuals" among the Christians- I wonder if there are any Muslims who feel the same ....
But then again I seriously doubt that it has anything to do with "Islam" as such- the stench of the Umno rat using Islam to create the siege mindset among the faithful seems to be quite overpowering .....

So that brings us to the lingering question- Do you think Mr 1-Malaysia, Ghani Patel, Krismudin and/or PDRM have the guts to do anything about it?
I don't think so.

Going by the many scandalous events (Altantuya/RPK/Bala/Kugan/TBH/Sarbaini/Aminulrasyid/Scorpene/Sukhoi/1MDB/Taib Mahmud etc etc etc) in recent years- they'd probably go for the victim who made the police report instead- and probably find an "omega watch" to find him guilty!!

Good try anyway, Mr. Xavier.


Catholic lawyer lodges police report against Pembela

April 20, 2011
Annou Xavier says he lodged the police report to protect the rights of other religious groups. — Picture by Jack Ooi
KUALA LUMPUR, April 20 — A Catholic lawyer called on the police today to act against an umbrella coalition of Muslim groups, Pembela, for making seditious statements against the Christian community.

Annou Xavier said that the threats by Pembela were highly provocative and could result in a backlash against Christians in the country.

Last Friday, Pembela held a protest at the National Mosque against Putrajaya’s release of Malay-language bibles and declared they are willing to shed blood against ‘extremist’ Christians that insult and ridicule the position of Islam in the country.

“The statement made by these groups (Pembela) and its members are insidious and seditious in nature as it is highly provocative so as to mean that the said group and/or its followers are willing to disrupt harmony and cause hatred, contempt, and raise disaffection with Christians and among other peace-loving citizens of Malaysia.

“The Federal Constitution states that other religions may practise in peace and harmony and that each and every religious group has the right to manage its own affairs, maintain and manage its own property and practise his own faith under Article 11,” he told reporters after lodging a police report at the Petaling Jaya police headquarters.

During the protest last week, Pembela spokesman, Dr Yusri Mohamad, asked Christian groups to stop their confrontational approach and apologise to Muslims for wounding the community.

“We ask all Muslim leaders to unite against extremist Christians that challenge and insult Islam,” said Yusri, who is also a law lecturer at the International Islamic University Malaysia.

Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia’s (ISMA) secretary-general, Aminuddin Yahaya, added that the country has been soiled by foreign elements.

Pembela’s protest in front of the National Mosque last Friday. — file pic
“Malaysia was tanah melayu, tanah Islam. But when British colonialists came to our land, they also brought Christianity with them … We must unite and not compromise with those that insult our religion. We are willing to die for Islam and our country!” he said.

Xavier said that he has lodged a police report to enable an investigation into the matter and to protect the rights of other religious groups, especially the Christian community.

He stressed that Islam is not disputed as the religion of the federation but all other faiths may also be practised in peace and harmony without threat.


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