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Are Umno/BN, Utusan PDRM & "fat-dog" Shaming Malays ?

Majlis pertemuan paderi-paderi berkenaan dan ikrar menjadikan
Kristian sebagai agama rasmi Persekutuan didedahkan
oleh dua laman blog hari ini iaitu 'bigdog'

menerusi entri bertajuk 'Making Christianity the official religion?
dan blog Marahku di

~ Malaysia negara Kristian? (Utusan Malaysia Headlines ..... 7/5/11)
Amongst the interesting moments that was said during the evening do was when the 35 pastors stood in a circle and said to have taken a vow to make Christian the official religion of the Federation of Malaysia and the Prime Minister also a Christian.
~ The Fat Dog.

(With the country going to the dogs, and Islam being shown in bad light by these guys-
I would not be too surprised if they did pray for that.
As a matter of fact, I too would pray for that- and so what if I did? Is that illegal?
They didn't rob you of some lard from your waistline did they, "fat dog"?)


drrafick | May 8, 2011 at 8:38 AM |

1. When I read about Utusan Malaysia headlines about "Christianity-the official religion?", i felt puked. Then the worse thing happened last night when TV3 sought comments from Hishamuddin where he remarked that it is a serious issue implying that the report is true. In a long segment, the views of PERKASA, PEMBELA AND the DIGP was sought and played up to reinforced that the purported meeting did take place and it is true.

2. The action by UTUSAN is damn irresponsible.TV3 is probably far more guilty. The two media has a large Malay rural/semi urban following that could distort public perception. It is clear to me that the action is seditious and is done with the intention of creating an uprising in this country. It is my expectation that the police takes immediate action against the editors and Hishamuddin. He is the internal security minister and should appreciate the issue and do not politicize it.It is unfortunate that the top brass of the RMP has spine that is made of jelly when it comes to enforcing the law.

3. Does the RMP intent to wait for the problems to worsen before going into action? Only the government and it's official tongue has the freedom to wag just because of politics. They are willing to sacrifice everything just to ensure that the fence sitters will support them.

4. I am one of the many fence sitters. On many occasion I felt I should give BN my votes in the next GE but then off late, the action or inaction of this irresponsible government has reinforced my believe that it is time that they go. No political party deserved to be in power for stooping so low. I wonder why isn't MCA or MIC and other component parties in BN take action to control UMNO and it's media channel.For the first time I called upon NON UMNO component party in BN to place the best interest of the country and push UMNO into doing the right thing. Don't wait until it is too late. I urged the level headed Muslims take center stage and control the extremist within our fold.

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