Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Fat Dog, Utusan Issue:- Quotable Quotes

“The blogger known as Big Dog who happily did his ridiculous spin about DAP and Christians and has to date got away scot free,
seems to be barking to the tune of his political masters.

He and Marahku (allegedly Shamsul Yunos)
lit a seditious spark of venomous hatred with their articles
that were carried by Utusan Malaysia......
Big Dog, aka Zakhir Mohamed is the same blogger who published RPK's June 2008 SD in his blog which got RPK in trouble with the police.
The big unanswered question is how he got hold of that SD when
it was sent to the Altantuya murder prosecutors.....

Who gave him the license to write such seditious material
and remain scot-free?

And why?”
~ Rottweiler, MT

"Was Utusan suggesting that the rulers are out of mind and unable to protect the provisions?So who is actually in charge? PM or Utusan? 1Malaysia or 1Melayu?
"In short, actions - both civil and criminal - may be taken against Utusan. There are provisions in the Sedition Act 1948, Printing Presses Act 1984 (publishing false news) and even the Penal Code for the purpose,"
-Prof Aziz Bari

"I deny all the allegations by Utusan Malaysia and BigDog but I believe (in) the coincidence that as May 13 draws nearer, the duo has (tried to) spark these anti-Chinese sentiments by bringing up the issue of May 13 and by hurling accusations that my party is Chinese chauvinistic.
“(They are) malicious and should be investigated under Penal Code section 499 (for defamation)".
~ YB Jeff Ooi

“Curiously the government seem to be taking the Umno-owned Malay daily's report at face value, despite the report being based on unsubstantiated tales published on Umno-friendly blogs.
Information, Culture and Communication Minister Rais Yatim (left) has warned errant parties not to trifle with the special position of Islam and Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein is quoted as saying that he viewed the "Christian agenda" as serious.

~ Malaysia Kini on Umno, Anak Yatim & Onn Jaafar's grandson.

“On behalf of the Catholic Bishops of Malaysia, I would like to categorically refute the allegation that such a meeting had taken place or will take place in a Catholic venue in Penang"
~ Archbishop Murphy Pakiam

“Instead of dealing with the obvious causes of their sinking popularity, like widespread corruption, racism and intolerable economic inequities in society, they engage in witch-hunts against assorted scapegoats …...

It appears their flavour of the month is the Christians whom these scaremongers have rounded on and perhaps now regard as a soft target,”
~ Bishop Paul Tan, President of Council of Bishops.

“If Umno had taken care of (the practice of) Islam well and strengthened it, I believe and am convinced that such speculations (by Utusan) of moves to make Christianity the official religion of the nation would not have arisen.
“At the same time, Muslims would feel at peace and comfortable with practising their religion,” ~Nasrudin, PAS Youth Leader.

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