Wednesday, 8 June 2011

1Malaysia- After the Mongols, now we get Kazakhs ....

In other words- screw 'em all, and let "God" sort out the rest .....
Yes- Somebody has gone to Kazakhstan (please don't mistake this for the Turkish Ankara, okay ... that was a typo- it's supposed to be "ASTANA") because his daughter, Nooryana Najwa Najib, has a Central Asian partner.
(no- it isn't Altantuya's pretty cousin but President Nazarbayev's nephew, Daniyar)

"While not problematic procedurally, the use of public funds to pay for Prime Minister Najib Razak and his official entourage to Kazakhstan for Najib's daughter's wedding is morally wrong, Kuala Selangor MP Dzulkefly Ahmad says.
"It may no problem procedurally, if your boss (the PM) approves something no one is going to question.
"But it is morally wrong to use public funds to travel to your daughter's wedding. Najib has no class!" Dzulkefly told Malaysiakini."

Yeah ..... Mr. Oxbridge- he took a broadside at Najib- while "whacking" Dzul, announcing in parliament that the visit was planned long before his daughter's engagement.
Yes- all these ...... while the people are suffering & having to work double-shifts to feed their families, our conscientious leaders are on a Central Asian frolic ....purportedly for some "World Islamic Economic Forum".

While people here are planning for a Bersih rally, it appears that the robber baron are busy siphoning out the peoples' monies- actively assisted by some people who wish to protect them. Listening to statements from BN politicians on the IPP issue, would say plenty to any listener- BN/UMNO is busy with the own "Bersih rally" ... only, it's to them- "Ops Sapu Bersih" of the economy.

They are busy giving projects for the long term, which will take forever to complete- and saddle the next Government with plenty of economic problems, probably even bankruptcy.
(Maybe they'll use that to win back the Govt later ... who knows)

Mega projects are launched left, right & centre - from RM5 Billion Menara Wawasan to the 36Billion to the costing billions of ringgit- with costs to be borne by the taxpayers long after the demise of UMNO/BN.
Look at the news friends - look at the various lopsided deals which were granted to the robber barons of Malaysia.From Francis Yeoh, to Ananda Krishna, to Vincent Tan to Syed Mokhtar, to Tajudin Ramli to Gamuda- all deals show only one thing- you have been suckered!!

Here's something from MT ....

Hickory, dickory, dock

It appears very clear that while the slogging citizens are borrowing to keep living, our leaders are borrowing to spend, spend, and keep spending.

By J. D. Lovrenciear

Has the time come for the nation of 28 million people to rhyme “Hickory, dickory, dock”?

It appears very clear that while the slogging citizens are borrowing to keep living, our leaders are borrowing to spend, spend, and keep spending.

Analysts and observers are cautioning that the country, if not on the verge, it is already bankrupting. And the borrowings are done solely by the decision makers within the corridors of power while citizens are gasping to keep up with the promise after promise of foreign investments that will overflow the larder.

But the country is in the red. Our spending has far outgrown our investments. And all the borrowing is for all kinds of mega this and mega that. And even the way the BN government spends at the State Elections would make Hollywood billionaires blush.

Meanwhile, anyone who cries out in alarm will be branded as anti-government. He or she will be accused of even wanting to grab the Prime Minister’s post. Or that political party will be run over with accusations of misleading the voters.

Fundamental questions and concerns are brushed off as being simplistic. The rakyat is drummed through the main stream media that the government is far better off than its neighboring countries. And that development comes with a price. A price that the rakyat eventually will have to pay for the borrowed investments.

The rakyat – the wage earner and simple businessman meanwhile cuts corners. When there are no more corners to cut, they short-change. So it is no surprise that the usual glass of the teh tarik is thinner, the indispensable roti canai – the working class fodder, is larger in size but thinner in dimension, the fried kueyteow has less prawns and taugeh or stumps of the sawi and the nasi lemak bungkus does not have ikan bilis but its paste mashed with cilli api.

Have the ministers and BN decision makers walked the streets patronised cherry tree stalls to figure this out? No. They are talking from the velvety cushions of penthouses and five-star studded meals. “Tighten your belts” they admonish the complaining rakyat.

The rate at which the government has been borrowing as revealed by none other than Bank Negara is causing spasmodic palpitation for the rakyat. At this rate, and if BN loses the GE-13, the in-coming political champs will be left with insurmountable problems that will make it almost impossible to perform.

What do we do? What can we do? Will we be allowed to do? Or is the rakyat totally disqualified to do anything to stop the raiding of the larder. Somebody please pray tell!

What use is it to have three or four multi-billionaires who offer jobs for a few thousand when the entire nation of people are living a nightmarish day to day experience in making the Ringgit stretch?

If all the spending from borrowings these past 25 years has today pinned the rakyat on a stretcher, what hope is there when the leaders holler, “we are developing this nation for the future.”?

Indeed then hickory, dickory, dock the clock has begun to tick-tock for a disastrous end. No? Then tell us.

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