Tuesday, 21 June 2011

LulzSec, Anonymous, Antisec- CyberWars Begin?!!

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June 20, 2011 6:24 PM EDT

LulzSec is no longer just about lulz. It has found a cause in carrying on the works of Wikileaks.

The group launched Operation Anti-Security in partnership with hacker collective Anonymous. The operation calls for all Netizens to launch attacks on any government website that comes across their paths.

  • (Photo: http://twitter.com/#!/LulzSec)<br>LulzSec Mascot
(Photo: http://twitter.com/#!/LulzSec)
LulzSec Mascot

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However, Operation Anti-Security's m

Most recently, LulzSec took down the website of the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA), a UK law enforcement organization.

However, Operation Anti-Security's most important purpose is to “steal and leak any classified government information.” The prime targets will be banks and other high-ranking establishments.

Although LulzSec didn’t mention Wikileaks by name (it did list http://wikileaks.ch/ as a website it supports), that’s exactly what Wikileaks does.

The only difference is that Wikileaks obtains secret information from willing informants while LulzSec plans to steal it through hacking.

What injustice and scandals is LulzSec trying to expose? What is it upset about?

That isn’t crystal clearly due to the signature tongue-in-cheek language of LulzSec manifestos. However, the group mentioned Internet freedom, privacy, and combating systemic corruption.

It also listed four websites it supports:



http://wikileaks.ch/ (Wikileaks)

http://anonyops.com/ (Anonymous)

Wikileaks and Anonymous are already well-known.

The Mithral link is to a hacker manifesto that rails against “profiteering gluttons” who try to control the information world. The Youtube link is to an alternative news media website that mocks the US government and other elite institutions.

Below is a song from the website that was mentioned by LulzSec’s Twitter account:

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