Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Now to scare the non-Muslims with ISA on "terrorists"?

Stop the indiscriminate use of ISA now!

June 7, 2011


From Nalini E, via e-mail

Gerakan Mansuhkan ISA (GMI) expresses its protest and disappointment over the arrest of Abdul Haris Syuhadi (63 years old), allegedly for terrorism activities. The police arrested him on the June 5, 2011 around 8pm at his house in Klang.

GMI condemns his arrest under the ISA. This year alone, nine people including Abdul Haris have been arrested under the ISA. Abdul Haris was arrested at his house at Kampung Batu Belah, Klang.

We were told that he is a petty trader who has been selling scarf, cloths and jubah. We are very concerned about the condition and safety of Abdul Haris. We urge the government to allow lawyers and the family to visit Abdul Haris immediately.

We also would like to invite the family of Abdul Haris to be with GMI and fight for his rights. The arrest of Abdul Haris under the ISA is against the principles of human rights, justice and international human rights standards and poses an inherent danger of abuse of power particularly in terms of torture or cruel and degrading treatment of the detainee.

GMI values that the security of the country is of utmost importance but one’s entitlement to a fair trial should not be deprived on any basis.

We strongly criticise the government for its double standard on issues related to ISA. On the one hand, it plans to review the ISA but on the other, new detentions are carried out again and again discreetly as no prior announcements were made.

This incident exhibits that the ISA, is an arbitrary law and has been abused on the pretext of national security for political reasons. We urge the government to charge the said detainee in an open court, otherwise he should be released without any delay, and unconditionally.

The writer is GMI secretary and Suaram coordinator

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