Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Deliver us Lord from Temptation ...

A world without the opportunity to SIN ....
Maybe soon,
our political moral guardians will order
a ban on everything
that stops you
from thinking about
..... GOD!!
NO music/TV/Videos, games,
NO inter-mingling of different genders,
NO skirts- only "modest" dress-code,
No dating, NO Internet, No travelling,
closure of all food outlets dawn to dusk,
only "kosher" banking,

etc etc etc

for the whole year?
No more evil temptation to abstain from!!!!
Now everyone can do nothing all day
& go to "heaven"!!!
Kedah orders entertainment outlets closed during Ramadan
Jul 13, 11 6:33pm
The PAS-led Pakatan Rakyat government of Kedah has 'suggested' that all entertainment outlets in the state halt their businesses during the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan in August.
According to Chinese daily Guang Ming, the state government has issued a written directive to all district offices informing of the unprecedented decision.
....... the ban involved 13 types of entertainment outlets, including
cinema penang kedah timber logging azizan abdul razak 310708 03theatres, snooker centres, electronic games centres, karaoke outlets, bowling centres and pubs.... Apart from the ban, the Alor Star city council has also restricted local chain restaurants from carrying out their business before 3pm during the holy month.
MORE ....

TheMalaysianInsider however reports that
"He added that such locations were listed under the state Entertainment Enactment 1997 that is enforced every Ramadan. Only cybercaf├ęs and bowling and snooker centres are exempt as they have been excluded from the regulation."

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