Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Hmmmm, Yes- "Let's Focus".

On Friday, Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah (Ku Li) is going to launch a new movement called Angkatan Amanah Merdeka (AMANAH), according to Free Malaysia Today ..... Ku Li is probably one of the last of the better people in Umno. I would be quite prepared to follow Ku Li. But I would find it difficult to follow him if he remains in Umno.
And that is the problem I am facing.

~ RPK, Let's Focus

Hmmmm ... now I cannot rip Pakatan Rakyat through propaganda becos my nincompoops are too dumb (even the one from Oxford) ....
MACC teaches people how to fly ...
The Univesities are courting disaster by offering Ibbit ali awards.
The media is braindead in that they rehash conspiracy theories about Jews/Christians/Hindus/Chinese/Indians/Eskimos etc etc etc
PDRM is hopeless- they spray chemical-laced water jets & fire tear-gas into hospitals "to protect patients".
The racist Ibbit Ali is a joke of titanic proportions ......
Nazri says that you cannot glorify Commies, but it's okay to give Chinese dignitaries a red-carpet welcome ....
Hishamudin says Cow-head protestors and screaming for Chinese blood is cool, but Bersih t-shirts & asking for clean elections is forbidden on the streets ...

Okay- here's the plan ...

Let's get a dinosaur political flunky in UMNO to start talking some real reason as a facade ... he must be a turncoat who was a loser in an earlier struggle ..... he must be able to talk about high-flung ideals, morality, rule of law through an "NGO" or some sort of campaign with a sweet smelling name.
He doesn't have to prove anything .... just has to talk or even fart- the idiots in these NGOs should be able to fall for him even if he farts .... just becos of his name.
APCO can help him with his speeches ... maybe some PR leaning NGOs which are non-partisan will fall for it - you know that idealistic hogwash an all ... but his allegiance must be to us.

We need a loser who can talk about the "Social Contract" to bolster our racist platform ... who might that person be?

Hmmmm, Yes- "Let's Focus" ....

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  1. Malaysians tend to deplore the corruption, racism, and hypocrisy of BN and they're right. However, because of the wide expanse of arguments regarding corruption, racism and religious fanaticism, they tend to be lost in the process to the extent that they often forget their own interests. Thus there are occasions when Muslims sided with the greatest offenders of Islam and Christians or Hindus voting for those who could be said to be traitors to their community and/or religious teachings. Malaysians dislike racism and yet voted for parties founded on race, hate corruption and yet think that it is an inevitable affliction of human societies.

    So far, I can see only one party that cuts through such arguments and recognize the essence of our problems: the problem of class which affects all races, all religions, as well as the country's governance.

    Class oppression is a social reality which has been covered up in racial/religious rhetoric. This results in the legitimation of a socio-political structure based precisely on such rhetoric. From the ox-head incident to the frequent murders of those who're poor and underprivileged, the class factor screams for recognition but all we've seen in the nation's blogs - both pro-BN and pro-Pakatan's - are either race/religion-centered arguments or quarrels over clean elections.

    There's no doubt that racism exists, that religious discrimination exists, that corruption is rampant, and that elections must be cleaned up. But the key to solving them is to deal with class oppression.

    Perhaps that's why the one party that attacks the nation's problems at its roots are being merciless attacked; its members rounded in the fashion of a NAZI state, and its leader's life now being just a step away from being snuffed out.


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