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InSyed the Umno Windbag ....

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The following is Haris Ibrahim's entry at his blog)

Syeditious Akbar Ali, Munafiq Extraordinaire!

July 2, 2011

Dr M’s chief spin doctor, Syeditious Akbar Ali, who holds that semen is discharged by women, in his post on 15th June, urges the police to arrest Ambiga if she ‘steps out into the street’.

If they break the law, throw the book at them. Throw them in the lockup to cool their heels, along with the druggies and the other riff raff ‘ , Syed continues, in obvious reference to anyone participating in the Bersih rally now scheduled to happen on 9th July.

Syed, of course, has had his own run in with the men in blue.

Syed actually alludes to this in an interview with The Star on 6th March, this year.

This is what he says of that episode.

‘…I was charged but the case was nothing. I was charged for an anonymous comment on his blog. My comment was on Arabs misbehaving in Bukit Bintang, so I don’t know how seditious that is…The case dragged on for two years and finally they said they had no case and it was dropped’.

Case was nothing, eh, Syed?

Syed was charged under section 4(1)(c) of the Sedition Act, 1948.

Syed says that he was charged for posting a comment on Malaysia Today about Arabs misbehaving in Bukit Bintang, but the charges were dropped two years later because the prosecutors opined that they had no case against him.

No case against him?

When I and some of the other lawyers told him that after closely assessing his case, we thought he was right royally screwed, he started to squeal like the proverbial pig being led to the slaughterhouse.

Cold sweat on the forehead!

Damn nearly pissed in his pants!

Let me reproduce here for you his comment in full, which he says was nothing.

Hehe, nothing, eh Syed?

bythenameofwrote: In Malaysia, ever wonder why massage centers are
mushrooming in Bukit Bintang? Because of SUDDEN increased of ARAB visitors.

EXACTLY BTN. The Arab camel shaggers are here in town. Also please note the
amount of alcohol sold in Bukit Bintang. The Arabs are drinking up too. Not only
prostitution but the arabs are also into young boys, their all time favorites.
You will notice young Malay boys and some Chinese hanging around the Bukit
Bintang area. The Arabs are diseased man. It takes an exceptionally stupid
people (the Batu Gang Malays) to think that it is such a great thing to welcome
Arab camel shaggers to our country.

The Arabs are kafirs or disbelievers. They founded the religion of the Batu Gang.
They have conned millions into believing that a stupid stone structure in their
shit hole desert should be the centre of focus of people’s worship — another
stupid concept.
True to Arab homosexual tradition, the sick Arabs have conned millions of people
into raising their arse above their heads five times a day — supposedly in prayer.
Ass holes! Staring up each others backsides! Yo Brader Anwar. Just thought of

The charge sheet, in PDF, is linked below.

Charge Sheet against Seditious Akbar Ali

Now for those of you unfamiliar with Syed who, by the way, has not only written several books, but is also the individual who authored, published and printed a booklet entitled Biblical Sunnism ( credit is indeed due to him for coining this phrase ), let me share with you what Syed means or is referring to by the words and phrases he used in his comment that appear in red.

Batu Gang Malays : The Malays who follow the sunni tradition of Islam which includes, turning to the Ka’aba in Mecca in performing the ritual of prayer

They founded the religion of the Batu Gang : The Arabs founded the religion of the Malay Sunni Muslims

a stupid stone structure … the centre of focus of people’s worship : the Ka’aba in Mecca

the sick Arabs have conned millions of people into raising their arse above their heads five times a day : Err, do I really need to explain this one?

Actually, its not that there was no case against Syeditious.

Can you imagine a Malay judge hearing this case? You think he or she would say, ‘Oh, there’s nothing here’?

Would a Malay prosecutor from the AG’s Chambers prosecuting this case also say, ‘No case against this fellow’?

They would have roasted him!

Syed wanted to know how long the matter would take to go to trial. We gave him our thoughts.

We also advised him on certain technical objections that might be taken to forestall the trial taking off. He said to hold on and that he would revert to us with instructions.

He did.

We were instructed not to take the technical objections. The case against him would be dropped, so we were not to irritate the prosecution with technical objections.

I knew then that the prosecution had been gotten to. My question was, ‘At what price?’.

I told the other counsels that I did not want to have anything else to do with his case.

This Article 160(2) Malay, who joins Ibrahim Ali to champion the cause of the Malays, through his comment, actually pissed on the religion of the Malays yet, when necessary, will join them in prayers!

In another post, where Syeditious admits to receiving RM3,000 from RPK towards account of the bail he had to pay in his case, he claims that he had wanted to pay the sum back after the charges against him were dropped and the bail money returned to him. This is how he puts it.

I did ask Haris Ibrahim that I wanted to return the RM3000. He just gave me a ‘forget it lah’ type shake of the head.

Syeditious is a liar. This never happened.

In that same post, he claims that later, in January, 2009, when some 22 individuals were charged in the PJ Sessions court in relation to the anti-ISA protest in November the previous year, he handed some money to me to help with bail for some of those 22 individuals.

Syeditious is a liar. This never happened.


*** I was called to be witness to "muftimurtad's" case- but as is mentioned above, it (the case) never materialized.
This was my entry on the arrests made back then in-

The "muftimurtad" "Sedition" Case on July 4!

Here is what I wrote in the 08/05/08 post about the comment he made :-

NOTE:Mr. Syed Akbar Ali was also arrested (posted bail) along with Raja Petra.

He has apparently been charged for a comment that allegedly "insulted Malays & Islam" in June, 2007. Someone mentioned that he was the one of the "Club of Doom" fame - I have no idea if this is the case.

Wasn't he the one who went under the pseudonym- "muftimurtad" aka "mm2007" currently listed as the commenter -"Penerangan UMNO" in the comment on THIS page - entitled IT IS EASY TO IMPRESS THE MALAYS, at 05/06 14:59:39 with his "batu-gang" comment.


  1. The truth may hurt or "insult", but it is still the truth. Or Joe Friday of "Dragnet" an old 60's TV series would say -"the facts, ma'am, just the facts".

  2. "Truth" in what was said or not isn't the question- that's relative to the side of the divide you belong to.
    It is the manner in which it was said (that too by a Muslim) which counts.

    It was rather crude what "muftimurtad" wrote- and in rather poor taste.
    I found it rather "distasteful" despite not being a Muslim.

    I'm pretty certain though, that he was just an agent provocateur .... that the words were written to provoke commenters in MT to jump the bandwagon to insult Muslims & their faith/practices.

    Silly ploy didn't work though ... and he's still walking around with his "Read the Quran" campaign after all that ...


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