Thursday, 21 July 2011

Now- Sell them this "Class Struggle"!

Malaysians tend to deplore the corruption, racism, and hypocrisy of BN and they're right. However, because of the wide expanse of arguments regarding corruption, racism and religious fanaticism, they tend to be lost in the process to the extent that they often forget their own interests. Thus there are occasions when Muslims sided with the greatest offenders of Islam and Christians or Hindus voting for those who could be said to be traitors to their community and/or religious teachings. Malaysians dislike racism and yet voted for parties founded on race, hate corruption and yet think that it is an inevitable affliction of human societies.

So far, I can see only one party that cuts through such arguments and recognize the essence of our problems: the problem of class which affects all races, all religions, as well as the country's governance.

Class oppression is a social reality which has been covered up in racial/religious rhetoric. This results in the legitimation of a socio-political structure based precisely on such rhetoric. From the ox-head incident to the frequent murders of those who're poor and underprivileged, the class factor screams for recognition but all we've seen in the nation's blogs - both pro-BN and pro-Pakatan's - are either race/religion-centered arguments or quarrels over clean elections.

There's no doubt that racism exists, that religious discrimination exists, that corruption is rampant, and that elections must be cleaned up. But the key to solving them is to deal with class oppression.

Perhaps that's why the one party that attacks the nation's problems at its roots are being merciless attacked; its members rounded in the fashion of a NAZI state, and its leader's life now being just a step away from being snuffed out.
-LChuah (aka Renoir)


"The HINDRAF movement is symptomatic of the fundamental problems that remain entrenched in our country and to stoke the flames of racism would only exacerbate racial tensions and animosity among Malaysians.
Malaysians of conscience who are committed to reforming this nation must recognise that a viable opposition is essential and now is the time to support it.
For the pro-reform parties in society to work together effectively, they must find common ground, be open to communication and collaboration, and resist the temptation to scapegoat other races for their problems and frustrations."


“Only a class based movement not based on ethnicity and religion can truly built a nation without discrimination, race based corruption and race based politics. The ruling party would be able to rule and would continue to rule as long as the people are divided. The ruling party is not going to build a united Malaysian Nation, as it is not going to work to its advantage. The Opposition too have at many occasions being sucked into the same mode to win support of the people.
The future of Malaysia can go two ways – Race and Religious Politics which is the rule of the day versus Class based politics – cutting across race and religion lines. It is a serious question as race and religious politics with its history and conditioning remain the most effective way to mobilise the racially divided people. It is a question every person has to ask and ponder. It is a question which is going to continue to haunt us.”
-Arutchelvan, Setiausaha Agung, Parti Sosialis Malaysia


In all periods of history worldwide, when communication underwent a revolution - it heralded some form of socio-political upheaval and/or industrial revolution. Malaysia is no exception. To deny it, would only lead to turmoil.

Without this factor, all fights on the political front be it in the parliament, elections or demonstrations/marches/petitions, are doomed to fail.
Those who control communication, will be the elite - who will rule- who will define, make, interpret and break the law at their whim and fancy.

The message of a class based struggle need to reach the hearts of the heartlanders. They need to understand that their heritage,culture, religion and right can only be protected with a class based political scenario - as opposed to the elitist ethnic politics that is prevalent today.
-Class Politics - the Other Option?

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