Saturday, 30 July 2011

Tony Yew betrays Chan's trust

Jul 30, 11 10:25am
your say'Chan's tweet is really her private thoughts that she shared with people whom she trusted and Yew betrayed her trust with the police report.'

Police seize blogger's iMac and modem

Anonymous: Blogger Lillian Chan did not call for a revolt. She did not tell the Malays to stock up on food. She did not call for a coup d'etat against the government.

Chan did not ask anyone to drag a pig carcass through a Muslim neighborhood. Where is the sedition, Tony Yew?

Yew of Blog House, who was unable to respond maturely to Chan's question, "Where [is the political context]?", instead takes the cowardly approach of snitching to the crows while justifying it by hiding behind the cloth.

Chan did not turn a political statement into a religious one; it was Yew who turned a religious statement into a political one. How Yew can simply associate "march" and "Bersih" with any certainty shows his lack of intellectual capacity.

Must every march be about Bersih, Yew? How can you make logic jumps like these without first thinking?

You may think you're a good Christian, Yew; so did the guys who ran the Inquisition. Ditto for the Salem Witch Trials. Ditto for Tony Yew.

DannyLoHH: Today is another sad day for freedom of expression. Tony Yew's act is despicable. We all know that we choose whom to follow in a Twitter account. If Chan had made her account private, that means she has to give approval for anyone to be in her followers list.

There is inherent trust in such a gesture, for she protected her tweets with such a privacy setting. That means, her tweet is really her private thoughts that she shared with people whom she trusted and Yew betrayed her trust with the police report.

The act is despicable because aside from curtailing Chan's freedom of expression and freedom of speech in relaying her thoughts to her fellow trusted friends, he has also infringed on her privacy with the filing of the police report.

Given that he is the secretary of Blog House, his act is hypocritical too, as he is enjoying the freedom of expression via blogging, but deem it fit to curtail Chan's freedom.

Kakarook: Chan, get your lawyer to sue Yew till his pants drop. Let him have sleepless nights. You were not one of the Bersih organisers, and you were just expressing your thoughts like any fellow Malaysian.


  1. Your commentary of the uncalled situation this person has created is succinct. Some people will contrive to get attention any which way. Lets not do him the favour he seeks.

  2. Yup- noted & I agree.
    That's why I myself didn't write anything- the comments on MK which I copied & pasted says it all.


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