Thursday, 14 July 2011

Tung Shin Challenges Doctors- Time for Doctors to Speak-Up ...

The doctors who witnessed the police attack on Tung Shin Hospital are ready to provide further evidence if the statement they issued yesterday is rebutted by the government.

However, they will nt reveal any further details on their account of the incident until their statement is challenged by the authorities, their spokeperson Dr Sheikh Johari Bux said today.


'Docs may have been demonstrators'

In a related development, Chong Teck Hong, honorary general secretary of Tung Shin Hospital board, told Malaysiakini that only two out of the 11 doctors who signed the statement are with the hospital.

Chong said he does not know the motive of those behind the statement, but said he assumes some of the doctors had joined the rally and had sought shelter at Tung Shin Hospital.

He also reiterated Liow's assertion that police did not shoot water cannon and tear gas at the hospital.

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