Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Article 11: Come again, Zaid ....

".... also said that the Pakatan Rakyat component parties would not
support the true meaning of Article 11 for different reasons."

~Zaid: Raid is against Federal Constitution

Just read properly what this fella is saying:

First he says plenty of nice things and whacks PKR (Note that UMNO is not mentioned at all) then ".. the issue would be dealt with differently under a Kita-run government as the party was the only one in the country fearless enough to defend Article 11.
“We would refer Article 11 to a properly constituted Constitutional Court,” he said.

Fine. You impressed? Excited? Wanna shout out for KITA?
Hold the applause just for a minute, mate - and read on .....

Then he goes on to say:
We would insert an all empowering Article stating that all laws must conform to the Quran, and that laws contravening Islamic tenets and practices would be void. Islamic tenets and Islamic practices, in this case, would be those that are approved by the Conference of Rulers,”

By default, the Quran becomes the Supreme Law of Malaysia- but only parts approved by the "Conference of Rulers" (meaning the PM's office la).
Now who is going to interpret the Quran and that make sure the FC subject to it? You guessed itm, mate- JAKIM, JAIS, MAIS and the whole jing-bang ....

So, since Non-Muslims cannot decide/interfere in matters of Islam (even if you can pass the Syariah exams) - effectively, it means that non-Muslims wouldn't have a say ....
Now all the infidel lawyers can go fly kites with the knowledge about the law- because the Syariah lawyers can upstage you based on their qualification (and kulit-fication) in Islamic Jurisprudence!!

Now all you Kafir Laknats- please applaud this horse-loving lawyer from KITA who claims to defend the FC as the supreme law of the land ....
Bravo you infidel KITA-philes - Under KITA, maybe we can hope for an Islamic Republic a la Pakistan!!

"What you applaud, you encourage;
Be careful what you celebrate .."
~ Peggy Noonan.

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