Friday, 9 September 2011

M'sian "Animal Rights Activism" - Quo Vadis?

For a long time, I wished to have a dog in my life- simply because it is an "enriching" experience. When the right situation came- I got my dogs ... two lovely Beagles (Mojo & Chopper).

About a year ago, I was introduced to the predicament faced by animals under the hands of the authorities- thru the senseless actions of some animal haters and the MPS enforcement officers. Believe me, the senselessness of people and the relevant authorities can be quite mind-boggling ....
(Looking at the state of the nation today, one cannot help but reflect on how right Gandhi was when he said that
“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”).
The MPS has ceased "operations" for now, although MPS still refuses to license my dogs despite the fact that their legal advisors say that the dogs can be licensed. That is a job in progress, and we still wish to push forward towards getting it sorted out amicably- instead of confrontational methods. But that isn't what I wish to write about ...

After getting in touch with a few NGOs/Societies which care for animal welfare, I'm almost jaded by the attitude of some of these agencies. Somehow there seems to be a "disconnect" between the general public, legislators, educators and the Animal Welfare activists. One even went so far as to say that it isn't their role to educate "politicians"!

What is their brand of activism- I wonder ...
Is it all about about crying over abused animals and rescuing them? Is it raving and ranting at perceived ghosts under the bed? Is it about demonizing all those who do not agree with you?

Or is is about educating the public about love & compassion?
Is it about creating awareness through various channels, barring none?
Has the Animal Rights/Welfare got a political platform to pursue their agenda?

Anyways- the following was a response from me to MDDB on their FB page today after "somebody" posted a very "polite & intellectual" (duhhh!) reply to Latheefa Koya.
Anyway, much of it should also apply to many of the activists who have yet to show much results in preventing (not just rescuing) abuse of animals after all these years of hard work.


Dear MDDB,
I have been removed from the MDDB's adoption page by a certain commenter/admin, and I bear no grudge/ ill-intent towards him/her for it.

On the page, a political statement was made, and I only gave a different viewpoint in the thread. I also posted a response from Latheefa, in response to that statement- simply becos- I presume that you had valid reasons for your stance, and "could take as good as you give".
My intention in saying what I did, is towards achieving the same goals which you yourselves fight for.

I'm all for preventing animal abuse- ever since I've been awakened to this phenomenon.
With regard to all quarters which have done their good work towards alleviating the distress of defenseless animals- Kudos to you!!
You have my utmost appreciation & respect.

But I'm quite disappointed with the hostile methods employed by certain quarters who do not seem to be able to capitalize on the admiration & respect for their works, and instead turn people off through their anger & hostility which they hurl at their potential allies.
How does one prevent abuse when one is abusive themselves towards those who differ on the methods towards achieving the shared goal?

Is "activism" about "putting out bush-fires" alone, by going around saving animals in distress- which will be a never ending story- or does it also involve legislation and education of the masses to prevent the occurrence of the abuse?
Should you not be able to rationalize, intellectualize, philosophize in order to spread the love/goodwill towards educating the general public?

Sad- some believe that the way forward based on "1st world" model of activism is to refrain from educating the people (politicians included)....
just threaten that you'll "complain",
then try intimidating, failing which- hurl verbal abuse- call them psychos, use 4-letter words, curse, rave & rant ....
then ban the fella who doesn't agree with you,
alienate those who you fear may "steal the thunder" from you or do not share your opinions and shut them up .....
and then ask for support!!

In any struggle, there will be differences between the various parties fighting for a similar cause.
Why focus on differences and bicker, when you can share your common interests and stand together?
Why focus on the past and crib about apparent "betrayal/neglect/disregard"?
Why make adversaries when you can make allies?
Why make enemies when you can make friends?
Should you not be encouraging participation through inclusiveness, rather than maintaining exclusivity?
Should you not raise yourself above the fray?

So what if someone gets some "mileage" out the/ an event?
Would it not help the cause, (even if not us personally) if we have one more platform- no matter how big or small- from which we can fight for the same cause?

Maybe MDDB should re-think their strategies ...
Meanwhile- I wish you all the best in your endeavors.
God Bless.

You may ban me if you like, 'cos it doesn't really matter- as there are many other platforms for me to air my viewpoints.
Take care.


  1. Hey Cruzerio! I'm not surprised about the current events involving the notorious Mddb yet again! Just look at all the "stories" that involve that dirty group and their founder in the past and you'd probably realize that they hate it when someone else get's a little limelight. Must be a jealosy thing going on. And you should read the one where they said something harsh about some Rela men who died in some accident! The stuff they do makes me think sometimes that the Mddb is in it just to make money!!!!

    Mandy Tan

  2. Making money from all the donations i am sure..

  3. Thanks for dropping by, Mandy.

    In reply to your comment- whatever the case may be, I wouldn't want to dwell on it, as it will only be counter-productive.

    As bad/notorious as MDDB is, we must acknowledge that they are there simply because those before them have failed in addressing many issues.

    Furthermore, I think we should be addressing the root cause of the problems- education, legislation and enforcement- rather than hit on those who desire the same as us (albeit, in different/undesirable fashion as we see it).

    Thank you, again.


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