Friday, 30 September 2011

"Santa Claus" breaks the bank?

Maximum 40pc pay rise as Putrajaya reverts to single-tier civil service

September 30, 2011
KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 30 — Putrajaya is to implement a new pay scheme for the country’s 1.3 million civil servants that will see salaries jump by up to 40 per cent next year, sources say. Datuk Seri Najib Razak is expected to announce a return to a single-tier system when tabling Budget 2012 next week after more than 15 years of grumbling from public sector employees who say the current triple-tier system is unfair.

Santa is such a darling ... he's been on such a roll:
First it was no taxes on your new underwear .....
"I help you, You help me"
MRT, Menara Wawasan ...
Hefty Bonuses for civil servant ...
Hefty Pay-rise for civil servants ... Meanwhile his "1MDB" goes around dishing out goodies all over the place.
If I was among those who would gain from these exercises- I wouldn't complain .. in fact, I'd  love him so much for being such a generous man!!
All these, when most nations are tightening their budgets, Malaysia has a s#it-load of debts (RM500billion, I hear) to service, is reeling economically, and has yet to face the fallout from the impending EU PIGS (Portugal, Italy, Greece, Spain) crisis, or the streams of bad news from US of A, or the slowdown in China!

Interesting that somebody is playing "Santa Claus" (aka "break the bank") politics during such uncertain times.
Ok- never mind all that. So where is the money coming from? 
Slush funds? More debts? BNM printing money like the US Feds? Devaluing the RM? Is it going to be the carrot to cushion the inflationary effects of the future GST?
Are these signs of desperation to cling on to the UMNO presidency/PM-ship or what?
Looks like Santa has very deep pockets ......
Where is all the money coming from, I wonder- must be the same place where Birkin bags & diamond rings come from.....

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