Friday, 28 October 2011

""BRAVO", you branded cow- you're Malaysian!!!

"What you applaud, you encourage;

Be careful, what you celebrate"

Peggy Noonan


I am Malay, and you better not forget it

Friday, 28 October 2011

"Sultan Suleiman was Bugis. So that, in fact, makes me more Malay than many Malays in Malaysia in spite of my Welsh blood. I have Orang Asli blood in me. I have more right to Malaysia than millions of other pendatang Malays who invaded my country and now claim it as their own.

Bumiputera konon! Hello brader
We Orang Asli were here first. 
So don’t try to play that who is more Malay game with me. 
You will lose."
Various attempts have been made, under the British Raj and since, to classify the population of India according to a racial typology. After the independence, in pursuance of the Government's policy to discourage community distinctions based on race, the 1951 Census of India did away with racial classifications. The national Census of independent India does not recognize any racial g
roups in India.

Nations worldwide have done away with the silly racial classification as it works against the idea of national cohesion & "Nationhood".
But in Malaysia, it appears to be "THE most important" thing!!

We had proudly stupid UMNO founding fathers who even put it in the Federal Constitution - who got stupid sons to now carry on the stupid & divisive legacy.
They knew that Malaysians in general are stupider still- and love being branded like COWS ... and horses ... and pigs ... for their owners.

Now these stupid sons, bring in more low net-worth rejects from foreign nations and include them in the racial classification for their own benefit- to which the stupider followers applaud. ... they then argue about who's the "more branded" COWS!!
Unlike lower animals (which struggle against it) - Malaysians ACTUALLY COMPETE TO BE BRANDED "being Malay", "Chinese" or "Indian" or "Kadazan" or "Iban" on their collective a*ses!!

It is this stupidity and obsession with "Being ... (enter preferred branding)", that's driving Malaysia down the drain ...!!

Cheers to the branded COWS!!

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