Monday, 3 October 2011

But I was talking about MCLM, Pete ..

Cruzeiro is one of those who oppose the MCLM
and would like to see ABU.
I hope, therefore, he will focus on ABU
and not write articles such as this: (LINK.)
Articles like these may turn the people against ABU.

- RPK, Consistently Inconsistent, No Holds Barred


Dear Pete,
Thanks for the exposure- Indeed, I'd like to see ABU, but ....  oppose MCLM? Ouch, man!!

Come on Pete- don't paint me black like this ... with a heading saying "Consistently Inconsistent" and saying that I'm against MCLM .... they'll get the impression that it is I who's being inconsistent and not the Islamist lobby/PAS/Syariah Courts with their promises.
The best part is, I was talking about what MCLM stands for - in case readers missed out on the words on your spin:-

"Y'see, Pete- It is just that with the many incidences of the Syariah encroaching upon the civil liberties of the Non-muslims, and the ever silent "Liberal Muslims" whom you expect us to have confidence in, start cowering at the prospect of being labeled as "apostate/deviant/liberal/Jew/westernised etc etc"- so what do you expect?"

This article turn people against PR?
I don't think so, Pete- it is what PAS is doing to itself, PR and consequently Malaysia. In my humble "misguided kafir-harbi opinion", PAS is doing Islam a great disservice by making Hudud almost the raison d'etat of Islam- when it is far more than that.
In fact, if I'm not mistaken they've even said so themselves- that they'd be willing to abandon PR (so much for their promises eh?).
If they can throw threats around, why can't voters do the same?
Maybe they just don't care - just as they don't care about the reality in Kelantan & Terengganu ...

No Pete- I'm not against MCLM.... and yes, I'm for ABU.
(Just for your information my MCLM No. is  LM 000015, okay) .

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