Saturday, 22 October 2011

Of Aziz Bari, Kangkungs & "UMNO Communists" speech

What captured the headlines over the past few days was the attempt of the ruling regime to gag the academia, by the suspension of Prof Aziz Bari (courtesy of the Mother of all "kangkungs").

Thanks to this mother of Kangkung-ism, the academic world of Malaysia is up in arms against this travesty of justice against the intellectual pursuits.

“UIAM tidak pernah menyekat mana-mana ahli akademik untuk mengeluarkan kenyataan, tetapi kenyataan tersebut mestilah tidak bercanggah dengan kepentingan universiti,” She has come out denying that Prof Aziz Bari has not been prevented from entering the University premises and that he has merely been given a show-cause letter.
It truly beats me how Aziz Bari's statement on the inconsistency of of the intervention on part of the royalty has affected the "Interests" of the University ...

It is my suspicion though, that this is just a cowardly by "certain quarters" who now do not wish to take responsibility for this action (by a "kangkung" who chooses to be a "menurut perintah" bureaucrat instead of having academic interests at heart). This was probably just an excuse for his suspension.
Most likely, this is probably the result of attempts at "getting back" at Aziz Bari for his speech about Umno being Communists ....

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