Monday, 14 November 2011

Koya's Humbug ...

..... the entire episode has turned out to be a blessing. 
It has exposed the humbuggery of 
the religious and political establishments to the full, 
and forced the Malaysian populace to face up to an issue - 
a taboo even - that was long swept under the carpet.

Speaking of the "humbuggery" - I just want to highlight some of the "quoteable quotes" of an idiotic pseudo-intellectual masquerading as part of the "Islamic intelligentsia".
Never mind "islam", but this guy gives his surname a bad name.

As mentioned as a footnote in his article in Malaysiakini, ABDAR RAHMAN KOYA is editor at Islamic Book Trust, Kuala Lumpur (

This guy has declared that all these Human Rights movements are the result of "GUILT" from past minority persecutions .... and the "great Islamic civilizations" were free from any persecution of any minority groups.
Maybe this guy has never read the other side of "Islamic History"- prefering to immerse himself in "glorious texts" prepared by the mercenary scribes of the ruling elite ...
Or maybe he meant that they just don't feel any guilt from the injustices meted out on minority groups in the past or present since it has all been "syariah ordained", I cannot say though).

In his hatred for anything Jewish, this nitwit has even succeeded in contriving an association between the Gay rights movement and the Zionist Lobby in USA!!

Here goes Koya's humbug:-

"Due to their past persecution of the homosexuals, the Western civilisation has been enveloped by a collective sense of guilt and appear to be the sole defenders of the homosexuals' human rights.
Such is not the case with the Muslim civilisation, which does not have a history of systematically and specifically persecuting the homosexuals ..... And this is where the syariah has offered a civilised response, by not pushing such groups to the mainstream and only concerned with their sexual acts if they are committed in public.
- Abdar Rahman Koya, Islam, homosexuality and the West's guilt

"Striking is the similarity between the powerful 'gay rights' movement and the powerful Israeli lobby. Both have the West's past atrocities written all over them. This is a layer of history that has gone unnoticed in our present domestic debate sparked by Seksualiti Merdeka."

"Islam ..... can present an Islamically correct solution to the present debate, without trying to be fanatically moderate to please others."

After a barrage of comments whacking him for his stupidity- which he conveniently attributed to "Islamophobia" and dismissed - he seemed to take real pride in his idiocy, and took bigotry to a whole new level by writing another article ... and in his smug stupidity, even sought to "educate" others on terminology!!

In the following quote, also he decided to become a biological/medical expert diagnose the condition of "homosexuality" as deviant sexual habit,
that "Transgender" not so, as it has "natural, cultural and biological traits".

"Remember, I have always referred to 'homosexuals', and not the so-called LGBT. I feel lumping together the 'LGB' to the 'T' is quite unfair to the latter. Transgender is not a deviant sexual habit, but is natural and has cultural, nay, biological traits. Not so the case with LGB, however you argue to justify that such a sexual habit cannot be helped and as such their followers must be accorded with "sexual rights"."
- Then make it LGBTQIBMPG...

If this is the quality of "Islamic Thinkers", I'm sorry to say that I'm terribly disappointed - and if this is also the quality elsewhere, it is no wonder that these communities are a mess in many places around the world.


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