Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Stupid? Maybe You're Right, Mahathir...

"I would be stupid"



Well- whadaya know ... the old man has done it again.
Apparently, he's got the "avatar" bug again- and claims that "these days", all these information can be maliciously created out of thin air!!

"Because nowadays even photos of human beings with someone else’s body can be made,” he says.
LOL- He thinks this screencapture below is a "photoshop"!!

Just when he needs it, it appears that the old man's memory seems to be conveniently failing him again ....
Is this part of his "melayu mudah lupa" drama for sympathy?
I wouldn't know ...

Please click HERE to visit Worldbank website
December 19, 2011
Dr Mahathir asked for the World Bank to furnish the records adduced yesterday by PKR. — File pic

PUTRAJAYA, Dec 19 — Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad today kept up his denial of having solicited World Bank aid, and demanded evidence from the financial institution despite online records adduced by PKR.

“I want to see... I want to ask the World Bank whether this is true... Because nowadays even photos of human beings with someone else’s body can be made,” the former prime minister was quoted as saying by Bernama Online today.

“As far as I can remember — and I have not forgotten — I never sent any request for any money, not during the financial crisis or even after that. I had just criticised the World Bank, then I ask money from them for what? I would be stupid,” he was quoted further.

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  1. snake oil seller.....believeme...believe me...ass hole


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