Monday, 2 January 2012

RPK discusses Anwar's sex with the MSM ...


"When Zaid offers himself s an alternative (to Anwar), they kill him off...."
-RPK, at 7.36' in video (here)


So RPK has given his interview.
Maybe he wants controversy to boost up the comments section on No Holds Barred (which has been pathetic for the past couple of years).
Maybe he wants people to look beyond Anwar.
Maybe Zaid whispered in his ear for Umno.
Maybe, maybe, maybe ....

Many are quite disgusted which what RPK has done.
But RPK will not listen to you
if you weren't at the Bersih Rally,
If you were not at the anti-PAB rally,
If you were not with the lawyers,
If you were not at the students rally,
If you were not a registered voter,
if you not here,
or you were not there ....
In short, RPK says, "If you didn't stand up & be counted- just STFU!! You are a nobody, and you don't deserve to be heard".

Nice, Pete- I'll give one clap for that. Nothing more.

While I agree that this issue is about good governance, and it isn't about Anwar, his dick, or his ass- I wonder why Rpk chose to harp on it.

What does it matter if it was Anwar in the video? Why discuss it? Why do you have to give a "personal opinion" about being "90%" sure or whatever?
It isn't the issue isn't it?
What does it matter if Anwar is gay?
It isn't about one person, right?
But suddenly when it comes to PM-ship, Anwar figures in the equation only to be "rejected" becos he's morally corrupt? You mean to tell me that all the clowns in Govt thus far have been angels?
Hellooo- people in power to many things which may be "unbelieveable" to "proles" like us, okay.
(Not that I'd condone it- but Sex, wine, corruption, murder, brutality all happen in the corridors of power- and that is a fact.
But one thing for sure - barring the latter three, I dare say that Anwar is innocent- which I couldn't say for those in Govt today

Yes, he was right that we shouldn't reduce the struggle to it being about one man.
Yes, he was right that they haven't been able to stamp out corruption in Selangor. (We can thank the Umno controlled bureaucracy/ civil service/ Federal Govt/MACC for that).
Yes, he was right that it will be close call if PR wins the GE (I don't think so, though).

So why harp on Anwar?

I believe RPK (and obviously Saint Zaid & UMNO too) just have an axe to grind and wants people to look beyond Anwar- while he himself couldn't in that interview, which was about ANWAR!!

So- at the end of the day, ANWAR IS still relevant for the struggle. Otherwise, RPK/NST wouldn't have discussed him at all.
The free Anwar Campaign which should kick off if Anwar is imprisoned, ISN"T about Anwar.
It is also about Good Governance.

Meanwhile, Zaid (RPK and some others think he's a saint)can keep kissing up UMNO's or Nurul Izzah's ass to get Anwar out of his way (so that he can worm himself in to PKR/PR again (after having his own party CWC revolt against him for doing a one-man-show).

And you're right about one thing- this is more than Anwar ...the Sodomy trial/ Datuk T tapes is more than the pussy or dick or ass- so just get your head out of it.
And Oh Yeah- give credit where it is due, and admit it, Pete- Anwar is as relevant as can be, or you wouldn't have discussed what he did with his dick.


This interview shouldn't affect anybody stand.
ABU remains- and that's what matters.
BTW- RPK said, "In Egypt, everybody is Egyptian. In Malaysia, not everybody is Malay"
I believe, what he meant was, ".... Not everybody is MALAYSIAN"


  1. low rpk...low

  2. Missing the bigger picture bro... The timing sucks, i admit. But getting the crowd ready for the foregone conclusion that anwar will be found guilty, even at the expense of oneself, is admirable.. If that is why he's doing this. The cause of 1 ppl against tyranny of any sort, from anyone, is more important than 1 man. Be it anwar, rpk, najib or any other person.

  3. Great article, Cruz. I heard this morning that Anwar is acquitted for something that should never have been in the courts in the first place. Also, despite the Saiful/Najib connection which was implied in past Malaysia-Today issues, I always had doubts about that: the one constant and implacable enemy that Anwar has to deal with is not Najib, but the person who kicked him out of government. I think this court decision is going to hurt Dr M: if Anwar is around, Dr M's son may not find it easy to take over (eventually) UMNO - the threat of exposure of Dr M's alleged corruption, something which Anwar as former Deputy PM should know better than almost anyone else, would always be hanging like an albatross on Mukhriz's neck. Hope the fading of the M family fortunes would not dent RPK's lifestyle - but that's just a hunch, of course. :)

  4. Dear Anonymous 17.15,
    So Anwar was acquitted .... ;-).

    I agree that "The cause of 1 ppl against tyranny of any sort, from anyone, is more important than 1 man." (I guess I said so as well).

    However, I'm sure that if you owned a cosmetic product, you would put the face of Sharizat or a 95yr old hag to advertize your product.
    Get my drift, bro?

    Hello Renoir my man!!
    Great to see you here again.
    What you said is true- Madey is Anwar's nemesis. While the rise of Anwar may dent his family fortune, I seriously doubt it would do anything to RPKs.
    Don't take RPKs words to literally, mate- he's playing a different game, just as he's done over the years.

    (I guess the issue about the comments section on MT which sucks did hit home- I believe he is trying to do something about it.
    He needs to reformat his website with less of the diarrhoea of news (MT was never a newsportal to begin with- it has always been a discussion forum, focused in its debates).
    If it wants to be a news portal, it will have to compete with the likes of TMI,MK,FMT for attention.
    Only then will the comments section improve- using facebook for comments will help too.

  5. Hi Cruz, glad to be back, buddy. About RPK, you might've observed that I never took what he said seriously, though I'd always recognized that he'd aided greatly the Opposition in his M-T articles leading to the March 8 tsunami. I attended many of his court cases and contributed what I could to his struggles against government attempts to muzzle him. Still, I cannot ignore his subsequent attempts at undermining the Opposition and sadly, I do think he has been acting like some PR politicians that he often condemned: too much ego trips had been taken on all sides and this needs to end.

    Many years back, I used to write almost daily in an Opposition blog but found that there were some in the leadership whose minds were so set that nothing could get through them. Still, I refrained from attacking them personally - I often commented that they were, after all, in the front lines, whereas I was just like what a few of them had charged: an armchair critic. Let us do what we think we're best at doing, and not seek to undermine the possibility of a two-party democratic set-up. If nobody wants to hear my views, why, I'd simply write them elsewhere or withdraw to my own pursuits. There's no need to conduct personal attacks on Opposition leaders - BN can do all that without our help.

  6. I cannot ignore his subsequent attempts at undermining the Opposition and sadly,

    Actually, I read it as an attempt to thwart the "personality cult" which enamors the average Malaysian voter.
    We do have to realize that politics in malaysia has a life beyond Anwar- or all the reform we fight for will be doomed the day he falls/exits.
    It was what Mahathirism did as well.

    Moreover, it is also a wake up call to PR to start working as a team- instead of squabbling publicly as they did of late.
    But of course- he went overboard.
    Pete's timing & words sucked bigtime .... he's not known to be tactful anyways. "Shock" is like his middle name ... y'know what I mean?

    In fact, he did confess once (during the Perak coup, I think) that he's an activist, and "cannot think like a politician".

    For all you know, "Saint Zaid" probably whispered something in Pete's ears (at their meeting lately), to help him find some saving grace in his attempt to kiss-up PKR's @$$ (now that KITA is screwed bigtime) just as the verdict was coming up.

    No matter what sweet-nothings he (Saint Zaid) spouts, to me that man is poison.
    He is after all the biggest beneficiary of UMNO's wheeling & dealings, while he was fine-dining .... plus he made quite a bundle from the sale of his outfit.

  7. >We do have to realize that politics in malaysia has a life beyond Anwar<

    I think many of us do know that, Cruz. Some, including myself, don't even believe that PR needs Anwar to win the coming general elections though, with his sodomy case now cleared, he would be worth some votes. But while Anwar's positives might not be that indispensable, his "negatives", when magnified scurrilously in the mass media, COULD harm PR as a whole. And, as you say, RPK's "timing and words sucked big time." Twice in a row (including the Sarawak elections) makes it a deliberate, not accidental move.

    1. Twice in a row (including the Sarawak elections) makes it a deliberate, not accidental move.

      Of course it was deliberate- the only issue here is the intentions.

      Like I said
      -Maybe Zaid whispered in his ear ...
      -Maybe he believes that there should be more critical comments on PR.
      -Maybe he was shortchanged (read conned) by NST into getting some publicity which PR refused to give him.

      While you could be right about his intentions, I still doubt it. To me, he's rather naive & amateurish in his political maneuverings - a trait I've always believed he had.

      He always had a silly way of stepping on toes ... and kissing others' like Mahathir's.

      Whatever said & done- he has contributed greatly towards the political awakening of sorts which we have now.

      I pity him, actually ... today, he is just like a childless midwife who has to "share" the joy, and yet not possessing it.
      It also appears to me that he's losing his political bearings after being away for far too long.

      The political momentum has taken the country to a different level, & RPK seems a little detached from the mood on the ground.
      No worries, mate- I'm sure he'll be back .... only to be an agent provocateur/ headache for whoever wins the next GE .... LOL.

      Call me naive or sentimental if you must- although I have been at odds with him on a few occasions, I'd rather err on the side of caution in doubting RPK ... somehow, deep down, I believe that he was being sincere, and had no malicious intent.
      RPK just needs to get back to where he was in the cyber world- for that, I believe, he needs to come home.

      Let's see what happens.

  8. BTW- While we argue about politics, the powers that be are busy shifting or stealing the cheese.

    It's "Operasi Sapu-Bersih" time, mate!!
    Just watch the number of Mega Project launches, M&As, & "bailouts" which will happen in the coming days ... in preparation for the next GE.

    Menara Warisan construction has started.
    MRT project is underway (mind you, this was concocted long ago, okay)
    Proton has gone to DRB-Hicom.
    I hear KTM is next in line.
    I-Care malaysian healthcare system is now being touted to be the solution to all that ails out healthcare system.


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