Friday, 17 February 2012

UMNO fund-raising thru Israel's Ehud Barak? Really Mahadet?

I just found this on the web ...
After all the Anti-Israel rhetoric from UMNO and of course Maha-det, it is quite mind-boggling if this is genuine!!
Imagine allowing use of our Military bases in return for party funding!!
That too from Israel/Clinton Found!!
Yup- I'm quite aware that all sorts of things can be done using computers .... like "Avatar", but "someone" has to to answer to this- don't you think so?
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  1. This is a fake letter lar.

    1. I never said it was genuine- I only asked for verification, stupid.
      Anyway where did you get the info that it is fake, stupid?
      Last I heard, Mahadet admitted it (writing to Barak) ... but claimed that it was to say that that he doesn't recognize Israel.
      He is also whining that Israel is releasing all these letters to DSAI to help him ... LOL.
      Not very convincing argument isn't it Stupid?


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