Friday, 25 May 2012

"O' Malays"- Dr. Azly Rahman

"In contrast Umno’s 500-odd ceramah attendance degenerated 
into a verbal shouting match as its star speaker Ummi Hafilda Ali 
screamed verbal abuse each time Anwar or any PR leader spoke.
 “Anwar is al-juburi He is pro-Jewish He is the father of womanisers ”, shouted
 the woman whose complaint led to Anwar’s first sodomy trial 
as she tried to drown the former deputy prime minister’s speech. 
This prompted Anwar to say,
 “We want to win the elections not by insulting people but by rule of law"."

O' Malays
by Dr. Azly Rahman
O' Malay essentially
what hath wrought and possess'd your consciousness ?
How hath your education failed you?
How have you descended to the glorification of ignorance?
Is this not about helping the next generation to be more civil?
Do know what knowledge is ?
and what it is not?

O' Malays essentially
wake up
smell the fragrance of the chains around your neck
chains of your feudal past
chains of those who giveth salams to others
but grateful that the oppressed from the past
hath now become the oppressor
their army boots of patriotism on the head of fellowmen and women
pinning the future to the ground
mantras of race
and religion
Into the Forest of the Subconsciosus you must now be banished
so that the spirit of love and wisdom inside of you
can be healed

O' Malays
heal you must
and wake up
to a new world
wherein the Oppressed that hath become the Oppressor
amongst you
can be buried
with love
with peace
with salams
and chants of of a new hope

O' Malays essentially
you shall overcome
the enemy
within you ..

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