Monday, 8 October 2012

CLASSIC :- (utu)Sexed-up Journalism!!

Here's a CLASSIC example how Utusan Malaysia spins...

EXPOSED! Not "on suspicion" or "alleged"- BACKED BY SOLID EVIDENCE!
More lies spewing out of Utusan Malaysia. Who are they serving? 

We're beginning to think there is indeed a CONSPIRACY to shut down Genneva Malaysia Sdn Bhd. 
Read on and watch the video too... 
What say you?
Watch Angelina Sinyang interviewing people at Genneva and then read 

her article on Utusan Melayu Here:
What kind of report that Angelina or her editor wants her to write... she interviewed that guy for almost 20 minits.... but in the article she wrote, for the first 3/4 article is like blamming again the same story about genneva... and only the last paragraph the way she put it as if she only interviewed that guy for 5 minits ( the write up as if not sincere ) its just for the sake of putting it..... that's all.. nothing in the report wanting to really find out the real truth.. what kind of reporters we have nowadays.. Oh yaa.. I know reporters that just wanted to sell their papers.. not about finding the truth....

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