Thursday, 11 October 2012

Please Clarify, BNM- Are you lying to the Media/ Rakyat?

Here's a Comment left on the
 Genneva Malaysia Supporters Facebook Page:-

BNM, with regards to your press statement made yesterday, you are twisting your words, confusing the public & making yourself look guilty.

Do you have evidence that the company Genneva Mal SB failed to buy back at 100%? Your statement "NOR WOULD THEY BE ABLE TO PROVIDE THE BUYBACK GUARANTEE OF GOLD".

Knock.. knock…are you forgetting something?
Aren’t you the one prohibited Genneva Mal SB from giving the public a 100% GUARANTEED buy back?

Allow me to humbly refresh your memory, 8 months ago “Mr JERxxx” from your legal department audited Genneva Mal SB.

The Outcome of the audit was positive, BNM had no issue with Genneva’s biz model
but BNM instructed Gen to make an official announcement on all major newspapers informing the public who were are & Gen do & don’ts.

On the 27th of Feb the announcement was published as per your request.

Please clarify why 
today you raided GMSB?

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