Monday, 10 December 2012

Come Clean BNM- With this, Your Credibility Stinks!

To prove a point why BNM’s credibility is in doubt, take a look at an article that appeared in PPIM’s website titled “Genneva Gold: The truth behind the scam by OUTSIDER AND INSIDER”  (view As usual, the contents are twisted but this aside, the interesting part is the screenshot of page 3. In the third image of the email, you will see BNM Head of Special Investigation Unit (SIU) Mazlan Ahmad instructing his colleague Farez Mohd Latip, "Pls forward and share with the world including FB on Enti Genneva and Genneva Disgruntled Customer Group. TQ."  -- (screenshot of page 3.)
The point is not the content of the article but the manner in which the Head of SIU dealt with it. As the Head of BNM’s SIU, shouldn’t he be objective and level-headed enough to act based on facts rather than spreading unconfirmed story of an individual? This makes the SIU Head appear like someone with a personal vendetta.

With this in mind, would BNM be REALLY objective in their investigation of Genneva Malaysia thus far? If this is how the Head of SIU behaves, the credibility of the SIU is now questionable, at the very best, including whatever official statements dished out by BNM.

And since BNM is the lead agency in this investigation and the main source of information for government officials, it is no wonder why statements made by Deputy Ministers are also inaccurate to the point of fabrication of facts.

It would be interesting to see if BNM would salvage their reputation by righting the wrong of their officer(s) and free the afflicted 300,000 rakyat from further suffering caused by this injustice.

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– Genneva Malaysia Supporters

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