Friday, 14 June 2013

"Kedaulatan Undang-undang"- A JOKE for the "Godman"?

Let me get this right:-
. First, we have legal marriages registered under the civil law as per the FC for non-Muslims.
. Then we have Islamic officers unilaterally nullifying that marriage when a spouse embraces Islam.
. Then we have courts granting custodial rights to a mother.
. The Islamic officers then decide to subvert that by alleging that it is the "duty" of the estranged Muslim spouse to convert the children without the consent of the custodian.
Later, they would say that the non-Muslim mother is unfit to bring up the kids becos she is ... well- "Kafir" - and so allow the Muslim spouse to take custody.

So basically what this means is that our legal system isn't worth crap- as and when the Islamic officers decide to get involved?
And the clowns who sit in cabinet, judiciary, AGC - have they no sense of shame too when they are shown the middle-finger by a "religious" bureaucrat?

What about all those politicians who were talking about your civil rights lately?
What about all those who went to town with the "Hudud Scare" during the last campaign season?
Whatever happened to those who said that Islamic laws will not affect Non-Muslims?

Sometimes I wonder what kind of "Morality" these people preach when they condone (read "Promote") deceit.
And these are the very same people who complain about "ISLAMOPHOBIA"!!

First we had people declared Muslims on their ICs.
Then, we had body-snatching (meaning, asset-snatching too) controversies ...
Then we had the Al-Kitab snatching, followed by the "Allah" banning.
Now we have cradle-snatching controversies!
No comments from me on the child-marriages, polygamy or the caning of women (private or public)- that's not my business, if they say so- although I do wonder what their moral bearings are.
I just wonder what the "next big surprise" our 1-PM's Govt has in store for us Non-Muslims. 

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