Saturday, 16 December 2006

Religion - The Politician's Playground

All religions have gone through an almost identical chequered history, as mentioned by you. Not one theocracy or religious institution has been spared of these acts in their evolution to be “the one true faith of God”.
The only difference is the geopolitics, traditions etc.

The prophets are not to blame for the “state of God” in the mind of man today.
What is true, what is false, who was “godly”, who was “satanic”- is up to the leaders to “propagate and educate” (true or false) using the power of the media, politics, economics and Law.

It has always been the nature of man to be tempted to “trade” his way into anything – even heaven, at least in the eyes of society.
Politicians, being in their “trade”, are in a popularity contest and hence, would use any means to gain power- unless he has a foundation of moral/ intellectual/ philosophical ideals.
Those who have these qualities will be remembered in history as true leaders, visionaries and “prophets”.

The majority though, would buy themselves their popularity through whatever means, even if it means that they have to be stooges of the real players. Sadly, the vast majority, often kept ignorant of simple truths, would gladly be led to “the slaughterhouse of the mind” at the whim and fancy of their so-called leaders. It would be a sad day for mankind should there be another theocracy to be established in this world.

Not only would it corrupt the state, but even further desecrate the sanctity of the religion it professes to uphold. In a roomful of politicians, the least trustworthy would be the “pious and religious politician”, for he uses the veil of “God” to hide the hypocrisy and deceit that he nurtures at heart, in his oblivion of self-righteousness. Politics and religion, as with state and religion, like water and oil, don't mix. At best, it would only create an “emulsion” with the help of self-serving interests acting as the soap(emulsifier).

Each element in this “unholy alliance” would take great pleasure in corrupting the other, in this great “emulsion”. All their doings would be justified and absolved by their religion, and all in God's name! However, a state with an absence of moral guidelines (read God) is doomed to chaos.
As a wise man once said- “.... even if there was no God, man has to create one for himself....” - (or something like that).

The catch here is .... the wise guys who “speak the word of god” - They often overstep the boundaries of their domains, and move into the world to “speak the word of Man”. The religious institutions (read priests/ ulamas/ evangelists) should learn some compassion,humility, and learn to guide through love and wisdom, rather than edict and condemnation. The wise politicians on the other hand, while maintaining the supremacy of the constitution, should permit and encourage the free discussion of theology (without fear of religious retribution), so as to provide a foundation of sorts to the development of progressive, vibrant and ethical ideas.

What corrupts man is the ego and greed that comes with the power to influence minds. With these so- called “men of God”, there is never a lack of “religiosity”. Their “spirituality” on the other hand, leaves much to be desired. It is only fair that these leaders of respective institutions learn the limits of their jurisdiction/ domain and duty. There is hardly any religious or political institution today that truly practices the teachings of the prophets they claim to venerate or honour. The credit should indeed go to the “holy guardians” of each.

Great nations are built on great Ideas.
It is the oasis of freedom, Education, Philosophy and discipline that would determine their viability and progress.

Arrogance brings forth its destruction.

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