Saturday, 6 January 2007

A Malay Mindset For a Better Malaysia.

(This was first publish on Dr Azly's blog- Republic of Virtue, in Malaysia Today).

There are always necessary evils in all revolutions.
They do not have to be armed struggles. Malaysians and Malays generally aren't violent, and are very good at “table talk” (unlike the Arabs). So, we have reason to be optimistic (unless the propagation of intolerance and “arabisation” is left unchecked).

The “sandiwara” of “strife” will be created again as was done repeatedly by the powers that be, since independence from British rule.
( What's a few lives that belong to Ali, Ah Kow and Muthu compared to the wealth that can be stolen?) After all, the NEPists being the new colonialists, would want to use their trump card of “fear politics”, to continue the rape that the “white man” started in the name of God.

Principles of nationhood has to change, or else the history of the Malay Peninsular will only repeat itself.
Meanwhile, the “sellout” continues.

The fact is, they, the leaders, have to realise that the “piggy-back ride to prosperity” via the legalised robbery through NEP, will never bring them prosperity even after millenias, has to end some time or other.
They also should also realise that, “prosper thy brother/ neighbour” is not a bad policy, as the prosperity that they can gain from this approach would be more stable.

The Malay public on the other hand should also realise that they, and ONLY they, hold the key that free themselves from BONDAGE of complacency, distrust and poverty.
.... That their chauvinism is only the result of their insecurities, that are economic in nature due to their ignorance of realities which are not racial or religious.
... That these (race and religion) are only “tools” used to rally them to support the very people who are robbing them of their rights and riches, and would not satisfy their hunger for respect.
... That as long as they remain docile by enjoying the pittance given to them by the NEPists, nothing would change.
... That titles of “putra”, “datuk” etc. are only words that are meaningless, and brings them to greater disrepute.
... That the NEP “crutch” will only turn them into handicaps and will only bring about their downfall in the long run.
... That has to be an “enlightenment” in their mindset towards achieving prosperity and nationhood.

Until then we can only do our best to keep the nation afloat .........

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