Monday, 8 January 2007

A Kampung Story

A short Kampung Story.

A man from another Kampung once set up an orchard in a backward Kampung. So successful was the orchard, that it brought in many other people and trade prospered.

There were neighbours though, who got some fruits out of goodwill. However their appetite for the fruit grew with the prosperity and fame of the Kampung. So, they decide to steal , saying that it is their right, as it is their Kampung. As contract, the theft was to be stopped after 3 years.

The stolen fruit is always too tasty for the thieving neighbour to give up.
So they keeps on stealing as they now have to feed more members of the family in the Kampung, until there's no more fruit to steal.
Little does he know that the planter has transferred his operations elsewhere, to make ends meet.

What does the thief do?
Blame the planter for not planting enough trees.
Now the planter has become a 'bad' neighbour and a traitor.
So, what can this thief do except make "the traitor's" life miserable by answering the call of nature in front of the planter's house.
Unable to tolerate the stink, the planter tearfully leaves his beloved Kampung.
Now, the thief stands for election to be Penghulu and says that he has proven himself right all along - the planter's allegience was never to the Kampung.
Landslide Victory!!

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