Wednesday, 30 January 2008

"Freedom Fighters",Taliban- Lite, Silent Liars.

Dear Malaysian "Fighter for Justice",

Woke up this morning feeling real good - thank you.

The morning call for prayers don't disturb my sleep anymore, even if they had three melodic voices (they could've been echoes, though) to announce it. I've learnt to sleep through it, just as many of the "faithful" that I had known in the past, during my hostel days - in fact I learnt it from them ....

However, as I go through the www for news (I've stopped subscribing to newspapers long ago - I only buy if I'm bored on weekends, or if there's something I seek. Who needs crap everyday anyways) a cloud seems to descend - I'm reminded of events that reflect a mood of religious persecution.

As much as one may try to say to oneself that Malaysia is a beautiful country that practices a just rule of law, the events happening of late screams at you, otherwise.
Thanks to the empowerment of the Religious Bodies that have offended the sentiments of those belonging to Non-Muslim faiths and some Muslims (to a lesser extent).
(Thank You too, Dr. Mahathir - for the "excellent statecraft", for the all supreme Syaria Courts, the impotent Civil Courts and Election Commission, the less than democratic UMNO Baru, Vision 2020,and Negotiated Tenders and what not).
Dr. Mahathir obviously missed out in his "visions" on the future of the seeds that he planted - he didn't see that he created monsters that have today risen to prominence.
He can now comfortably comment on the current predicament while being a comfy, corporate, "Roti-Bhai" in his sunset years, pretending to be very intellectual and forgetful at the same time.

The images of Lina Joy, Moorthy, Revathy, Subashini, Hindraf, Banning of Bibles, raids at restaurants, Ma Tzu, Temples, The Herald, request to remove Crosses, request for baca Doa in muslim minority schools, ridiculous dress codes, thought police, moral police, arrest of Muslims at entertainment outlets, raids on foreign couples, Seizure of religious books, arrest of minority "deviant sects", Mr. Gan ...... and now, the Rukumony insurance case - they keep coming back to mind, every time I try to tell myself that Malaysia is in good hands.

Is there a subtle agenda to persecute the Non-Muslims or Muslims perceived as "deviant"?
Or is it an agenda to create unrest by alienating the rakyat from each other?
Or is it a campaign to pacify one group or other, by looking for scapegoats?

Despite all the rhetoric from some truly "righteous" Muslims, there appears to be a queer silence on matters such as these in general.
I wouldn't be so bold and unrealistic as to say that they don't attempt to speak out at all - but they are few and their voices are definitely muted in comparison, to that of the advocates of "strict enforcement of religious laws".
The strange part about it all is, they are supposedly the "silent majority"!
Yeah, right - and I'm Abraham Lincoln .....

It was sad to read that from what Malaysia was before the time of TDM, it is now perceived as a "Taliban-Lite" regime in other nations of the world.
One can see how many a Muslim reacts to criticism - they tend to perceive the criticism of the injustices meted out as criticism of Islam. They tend to get all defensive and abusive at times, as a way to intimidate their "perceived opponents". It doesn't matter to them if Islam doesn't tell you to be abusive - to them, the appearance of defending Islam, overrides everything else.

At times, they tend to project themselves as "liberals" or "open-minded" and even write long articles/ comments on blogs so as to give a "friendly" image - however, when push comes to shove, they tend to give a muted response or remain silent altogether. Sometimes they do come out with "arguments" with a big "BUT" that plays both sides.
It is somehow mind-boggling as to how "these guys" appear to advocate Hypocrisy, in the face of justice.
They would never go so far as to admit that they are plain chicken-shit to stand up for JUSTICE, in the face of the "Talibans-Lites" who have overrun the nation.

Believe you, me - these guys would be the first to shout out loud about corruption this and corruption that, judiciary this and judiciary that, Linggam this and Linggam that, Mahathir this and Mahathir that, Scandal this and Scandal that!

Go ahead and BLOG all you want - deride them for all the lies apparently dished out in the press.
Go ahead - Boycott the Newspapers all you want.
Go ahead - march with a million people all you want.
I say - it's all HOGWASH.

Why do I say that?

Because YOU YOURSELF LIE, brother.
Because the "silent majority" LIE.
You lie that you want TRUTH.
You lie that you want TRUST.
You lie that you want JUSTICE.
You LIE that you want ACCOUNTABILITY.
You lie that you want a RIGHTEOUSNESS in Government.

You LIE, my friend.
You LIE to yourself.
You LIE to your Brother.
You LIE when you are tested.
You LIE when the nation is ripped-off in the name of RACISM and APARTHEID.
You LIE when you scream out against Zionism.
You LIE when you remain silent in the face of injustice.
You LIE, when you don't stand up for your Non-Muslim brothers/ sisters.
You LIE when you forget that the true measure of a just society, is how it cares for its minority.

Justice has to come all round - you cannot choose when you want to have and choose when you can do away with it based on out-dated laws.
You cannot have two parallel courts of law!
Two courts are, one two many!
You just cannot have it both ways!

What goes around, comes around.
You made your CHOICE, brother.
You made your choice to be a HYPOCRITE -
and the politicians know it, when they see you FAIL the TEST.
You made your choice to doom the nation.


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