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Understanding the "Oily Man" Syndrome.

The Following post was made in the comments section of " Why I kick ass" in response to the letter mentioned below.
"The Letter" can be found
here. The videos referred to are here and here.


“Islamic Fascists suggest that non-Malays be tattooed like Jews in Nazi Germany” refers.

We wish to inform fellow Malaysians that PAS views the above incident very seriously as it involves one of our members, and we wish to take this opportunity to say we are profoundly sorry for what was intended as a joke but was so poorly presented that it is considered as bigotry by those affected.

The Supreme Council of PAS wishes to stress that it is against our party principle to engage in any activity of that nature, we condemn any form of bigotry, intentional or otherwise.

PAS reckons there is no room for racism, bigotry or discrimination in Malaysia. We endorse diversity, we appreciate multiculturalism, and we love you all till eternity.

It is hoped that our sincere apology will accepted by those affected by the incident. If not, let us know what else can we do to make you happy?

by Order of the Supreme Council,
Dr Dzulkifli Ahmad
Director, PAS Research Centre

Last paragraph should read "It's hoped that our sincere apology will be accepted by all those affected, otherwise, please feel free to come forward, we as a responsible political party and we will not hesitate to action within our limit to make sure you smile again. PAS loves you all, always.
Dear fellow Malaysians,

I personally would like to take this opportunity to once and for all clarify our stand on non-Muslims and animals. We not only love and care for all of you out there, regardless of creed and color, we also love all creations of Allah SAW including but not limited to Pig and Dog.

Muslims, please take note Allah SAW never commanded the Ummah to discriminate, mistreat or harm animals, let alone our beloved non-Muslim brethrens. We are all equal creation until Allah SAW decided otherwise.

Trust the above statement is acceptable by all. We sincerely regretted for all the misunderstandings in the past. Let’s focus on creating a better tomorrow by voting the Opposition … Insha Allah.

yours truly,
Dr Dzulkifli Ahmad
Director, PAS Research Centre


Allow me to express my heartfelt appreciation to Dr. Dzul, for his prompt response to the unwarranted comments in the video, that were apparently meant to be a dark "Joke" of sorts.
Truly appreciate the humility and honesty.
It is a trait that is sorely lacking among religious and political circles these days, with plenty of chauvinistic "supremacist" rhetoric, that many simpletons find "comforting" for their egos and insecurities.
Dr. Dzul - Thank You for clearing the air.

However, in the interest of earning the trust of the general public and national unity, I strongly urge you (or any other spokesperson) to make policy statements on behalf of PAS, on other "controversial issues" of national (and global, too) interest as mentioned in my last post.
Clarity on PAS's stand on these issues would go a long way in determining national integration.

While PAS has was reasonable enough to understand that the "Joke" was tasteless and sick enough to warrant a public apology, the same cannot be said of the "Jokers" who claim to champion Islam.
The unapologetic, abusive and "angry" response of the interview subject (MENJ) over the brouhaha may be accessed here, here, here and here.
I do not wish to embed the video as it was too distasteful a "conversation" between two self-proclaimed wannabe "intellectual" Jokers, who are laughable at best.

With regard to the video, I would like to point out that while the subject may have the right to his opinion about Christianity, I seriously doubt that he is entitled to charge that the Christian Community of "shoving it down his throat" or where the sun don't shine ....... as the case may be. (I seriously wonder where he got that idea from! He should've learned to take a good look at himself before coming out with such an opinion.)

Let's move on now .....
In response to the above letter, I had made a comment addressed to Dr Dzul with the above message (though not as elaborate).
Not that I cared that much, but it was interesting to watch the voting pattern by readers/ voters (phantom or otherwise), for and against the comment. It was quite surprising to note that it was quickly voted down, then up, down - and it keeps on that way! I didn't bother to check before posting this - it could possibly have been lowly rated by now, for all I care.
It appeared to me that "opinion" was split, and there are those who perceived it as a very negative expression towards where PAS or maybe even Islam - I really wouldn't know.

I wonder how and why it could be perceived as such, when all I sought was clarity! What is the big deal in clearing the air about your opinions on issues that are of national interest?
I don't condemn you in any way.
I don't seek to be understood - on the contrary, I seek to understand you. And it should be perceived as a positive comment that open the opportunity of gaining trust from the Non-Muslims!
What could possibly be so negative about it?

Maybe, there are some who do see "oily men" where none exist, and look for cows to chop (as mentioned in RPK's "Why I Kick Ass") - it was a delightfully funny piece that clearly illustrates human nature when mentally/ emotionally repressed.

Speaking of RPK's
"Why I Kick Ass", he had mentioned,
"No, don't blame the Malays. Don't blame Umno. Don't blame Barisan Nasional. Umno can't form the government without the other 13 non-Malay component members of Barisan Nasional unless the non-Malays allow it to happen."

That was definitely a very interesting observation indeed!!

I agree.
Let's blame PAS for being unable to convince the Non-Malays and non-Muslims that they are a viable option for Malay Leadership with an Islamic state.
No way, Jose - that won't do, from the POV of the "Righteous"!
After all, how can these "el-stoopido" people not agree to a virtuous, Utopian, "Islamic" state that is led by "God-Ordained Clerics" ? You gotta be "El-Stoopido" not to trust those who refuse to condemn the injustices meted out to the "Kufr scumbags".
Yes - Let's blame the DAP leadership, the Chinese, Indians, Islamophobes, "Kufr scumbags" etc, etc, etc, for not working with PAS.

How about blaming PAS for being a BN Trojan Horse?
We could also blame the "Jokers" who like Nazi jokes that are offensive to those they term "Kafir Scumbags" ........
Other options are:
a. Blame the "orang minyak" for screwing the people.
b. Blame the stupid "cows" for voting in "ignorance" of the enlightened ones.
c. Blame the Americans
d. Blame the Jews.

Lets get serious here ..... why are we still playing the "race card" and looking for bogeymen to lay the blame on?
Why are we resistant to "growing up" despite being 50yrs old?
Can't we be more matured and seek to understand each others sentiment, instead of demanding that we be understood by "others"?
The way I look at it, it appears that many of us are too indoctrinated by the ruling elite, into harping on "playing the victim" - so much so that even the self-proclaimed intellectual Jokers unwittingly fall for the same trap.
Little do they realize that by doing so, they are actually justifying the "divide and rule policy and "draconian" laws that exist in Malaysia today.
Little do they realize that by doing so, they highlight differences and distrust, rather that stressing on the common ground/ interests that exists between all Malaysians?

Let us all be more sincere towards one another, and practice the Humility and sincerity as Dr. Dzul did, rather than the defensive chauvinism of "pseudo-intellectual Jokers", who love playing the "victim" in the "R&R" blame game.
Let us learn some introspection- admit our faults, give credit where it is due and suppress our egos.
Let us all stop the lies that we tell ourselves and our fellow Malaysians - it is about time that we learn to respect each other and practice some level of "acceptance" rather than the grudging "tolerance" that many Malaysians exhibit.

Let us all stop looking for the "Oily Man", when it doesn't exist.

Let us stop the Lies.

The following are comments which are possibly by the "Joker" in the video mentioned above at his own and another website.

His latest posts at his website:

Libellous article on Malaysia Today
February 3rd, 2008

While RPK has published my e-mail regarding the libellous allegations made against myself and Mahaguru58, he certainly has not done anything to remove the libellous article in question. I will take the appropriate action tomorrow.

Police report and a libel suit will be coming, most definitely.
Posted in Personal, Polemics by menj

I am initiating a libel suit
February 2nd, 2008

After thinking thoroughly about it, I am currently looking into how do I initiate a libel suit against this person and another person. I am consulting a lawyer-blogger on this matter.

These people had better beware because something is going to hit them hard on the head real soon, insha’allah.


What follows is an earlier post at another website - a click on the name of the commenter in that blog would take you to the author's website.
Kindly draw your own conclusions.
Here it goes ..........

30 December 2007 11:41
menj said...

Assalam alaikum.

I am Mohamed Elfie, who is a Malay man of Javanese origin. I used to be a PAS member and a Muslim extremist who advocated murder of Christians, in particular Malay Christians as I felt they were apostate Muslims (murtads).

However, I have repented and recently renounced Islam and become a murtad myself. As an apostate Muslim, I realise I am part of the non Muslim community and I have intense hatred for Parti Islam Se Malaysia. This hatred is due PAS moves during 1999-2004 to murder 903 murtads in Trengganu Darul Iman.

I want PAS banned as a political party as it is racist and bigoted. The best my friends and I in the ex-Muslim community can currently do is work towards toppling the PAS-led Kelantan government in the soon-to-be-held general elections. This is very similar to what we did in the 2004 GE, when we, the Christian community acted together to oust Trengganu Menteri Besar Abdul Hadi Awang and his PAS government for their role in murdering 903 ex-Muslims, who are Malay Christians.

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