Saturday, 28 June 2008

Geeks Then, Heroes Now, Gone 2Moro ....


I just had to get the scan of this print on this blog.
The online edition is available at &
Microsoft After Gates. (And Bill After Microsoft.)
These are the one time geeks, who today are "heroes" who have changed the world.
Gates is retiring as of today, when he punches out for the last time - to concentrate on Bill & Melinda Foundation. It is the largest philanthropic organisation in the world with a $37.3 billion endowment - good for him (he won't have to pay tax now, I suppose).
Tech has evolved so fast, that many Tech pundits openly say "Microsoft is Dead".
Somehow I don't buy that - at least not yet, even though they lag behind Google on the internet.
Despite their monopoly on the Market - they were among the pioneers of the IT revolution. He made a difference - and what a difference it was .....
It may not be goodbye yet to Gates, but this is definitely a milestone in the evolution of the tech giant - let's see what the future holds .....

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