Sunday, 29 June 2008

U C, 4 me - Now it's Sodo Mee.

"If you create havoc, we will deal with you"
Move over, Maggi - Sodo Mee is here, well stretched!

Anwar said in the statement that he "recently obtained" evidence implicating Inspector General of Police Musa Hassan and Attorney General Gani Patail of misconduct and fabricating evidence against him in 1998. He said he will release the evidence soon.

Anwar accused the ruling Barisan Nasional coalition of trying to ruin him, and his wife said she had photographic evidence to show that the complainant was linked to an aide of Deputy Prime Minister Najib Razak.....
A spokesman for Najib declined to comment .....
Abdullah Ahmad Badawi dismissed Anwar's claims.....
"If you create havoc, we will deal with you," Bakri said.
-International Herald Tribune - France


The price of rice has gone up in tandem with fuel, and the price of noodles would have to rise accordingly, despite "strong efforts" by the government to prevent anything "untoward" happening.

Yes - the price of Mee has got to go up too, and the people are apparently up in arms against this.
To allay the fears of the vendors and consumers, the compassionate, project-cancelling, "flip-flopping" government has hastily made arragements for Mee of the highest quality, to be supplied FOC to the public.
The people are bound to forget about SDs, and fuel prices once it captures their imagination and
fills their bellies, that are so hungry for the dirt swept under Carpets International Malaysia Berhad.

In line with the efforts towards "branding of Malaysia" as Najis calls it, this brand of Noodles has been christened (it's Halal, too!!), Sodo Mee.
People from all walks of life, from Tivoli Villa Bangsar, to Mongolia, and back to Kondominium Desa Damansara are so taken up by it!
Intrigued by this best-selling Mee I searched on the net, and found it on TVSmith's blog. According to TVSmith,
A spokeswoman for Sodomee™ said: "It is just a coincidence. We are revitalizing some of the products and Sodomee™ happens to be one of them".
"We however, will not deny that we hope to get free advertising on the airwaves again. Many of our pretty newscasters mispronounced the OTHER word as So-doh-me, thus giving us free mileage previously".
Asked if the product will stick this time, she explained: "The original recipe is being updated. Although some of the old staff are still around, we have a new chef heading product development this time".

For more TV Smith reviews on "branded" Malaysian products, Click Here.

In the interest of "branding", the selected poster boy is apparently a wannabe hotshot called
Saiful Bukhari Azlan.
Uniten old boy, it seems - donno if he was a dropout, though...
He's become so popular that he's chosen to go MIA - like Howard Hughes!

Apparently, everyone wants a crack at him the (media/ Pakatan/ Cops), and he needs protection from PDRM. Of course he'll be "examined" at the hospital, and be kept in protective custody ...

It's the Guy in blue - don't ask me who the sidekick is - you could surf to MalaysiaToday to find out more, and read the rave reviews it has generated from the public. As long as you don't "create havoc", there won't be anyone to "deal with you".

The above is apparently the logo of the MNC (incorporated in Mongolia) that holds rights to the Brand.

It's the best way to deal with people who cause havoc to deny the authority the authority on anything - You create a diversion from the real thing itself!

The following is from Rocky's Bru on the "Coffee" Boy:
The following police report was made on 28 June 2008 at 5.45 PM by Mohd Saiful Bukhari bin Azlan, who turns 23 next week (i/c no 850706-01-5687):
"Saya Mohd Saiful Bukhari b Azlan ingin melaporkan bahawa saya telah diliwat oleh majikan saya.
Perkara ini berlaku tanpa kerelaan saya. Kejadian terakhir berlaku 26/6/08 di Unit 1151, Kondominium Desa Damansara, Jln Setia Kasih, KL.
Oleh itu, tujuan laporan ini dibuat untuk mendapat pembelaan dan keadilan keatas diri saya. Saya juga berasa bimbang dengan keselamatan diri dan keluarga saya jika perkara ini tersebar luas di khalayak ramai.
Majikan saya Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim - Ketua Umum PKR."

RPK - So you think only you can make "explosive" SDs?
There you go ... now the people will say no big deal - any jackass can make an SD (even if we have to make him make a "branded" ass of himself)!
The only difference is, my lawyers are free, and you pay for yours, mate!

BTW, there are some nice pics of the "coffee boy" at Mr.Manager & SultanMuzaffar too.

Congrats to Psyfool, anyway - after years in Uniten, he's got his crack at fame (and a happy birthday too) at last!

The latest relaunch of Sodo Mee, includes three unique flavours.
  1. Spicy Hot Mongolian (that's the favourite!)
  2. Pungent Mongolian
  3. Sweet sour Mongolian Sauce
Dr. Patau Rubis and his Bidayuh sorcerers could help kill of all the liars.
This time he could extend the invitation to DSAI & Psyfool too.
With the four together, I'm certain sparks will fly ....



  1. It seems that the Govt is trying to extract Anwar from his refuge at the Turkish Embassy. It is probably safer for him elsewhere than in Malaysia seeing that the power mongers are trying to eliminate him. I suggest he move to Mongolia, I am sure they will care for him there whilst Altantunya's case is still on.

  2. Yep - AI may be in trouble.
    He has good reason to fear persecution, I guess.
    It was why I put his face beside that of Morgan Tsvangirai, in an earlier post a few days ago.
    We'll be achieving the same status as Zimbabwe soon enough - it's called Wawasan 2020!
    Yes- all this started 20 yrs ago...

    Mongolia - Now that's a good idea!


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