Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Liar, Liar - "Kebinatangan" Hands afire!!!

"Go to Hell!",
"You tak suka, Keluar!",
"Racist", "wayar putuih", "Saya tak takut","I don't know",
"It's FITNAH, Slander, Dirty Politics, gutter politics!"
Don't believe the lies that bloggers or the media prints ..... "they're all liars, rumor-mongers, and slanderers"
These are just words expected of our good clean leaders - and all, strangely come from only one side of the divide!.
That's fine - so let's recap our "our clean political culture".......

But by far, this following clip was the most hilarious of all!

9 May 2007 - "Where's the leak? The Batu Gajah MP leaks every month too," Bung said referring to DAP representative of the constituency, Fong Po Kuan

That was the past ..... moving on to the present :-
However, Bung Mokhtar told TheSun outside the House that he did not make the gesture, described as the ‘palm hitting a clenched fist’.
- MalaysiaKini, Sleight of Hand in Parliament, Rahmah Ghazali | Jul 8, 08 7:05pm

Bung Mokhtar Radin (Kinabatangan-BN) today did a U-turn, admitting that he had made an obscene gesture in the Dewan Rakyat yesterday during a dispute with some Pakatan Rakyat MPs.Yes, I did it, but it (the gesture) is not what it means. Everybody has their own perception and it is not rude and it is not what people think it is,” he said when met in the Parliament lobby.
- Malaysia Kini, Kinabatangan MP: Yes, I did it but .....,Rahmah Ghazali | Jul 9, 08 1:46pm
MCPXes, I did it, but it (the gesture) is not what it means. Everybody has their own perception and it is not rude and it is not what people think it is,” he said when met in the Parliament lobby.


It's almost "deja vu" -Reminds me of Adnan Yakob's "sleight of hand" some time back (refer to image above).
Click HERE for the YouTube clip.

"Repent You Shameful man" screamed the headlines of Malaysiakini refering to Mr. Bung (pronounced not as in "bang", but "boong", okay) ..... but what do you do, when "some people" are Shame-less - and don't have these very human characteristic of shame?
Maybe they can go for boot-camps, wash plates and learn some etiquette & "leadership skills" - but hey, maybe that's where they learnt these things, under the one who bred them!
Anyways, in Malaysia, they become "leaders" - these guys all have become chief representatives of one group or other in the the ruling parties/ government!
(Mr. Bung is I believe the chairman of the BN BBC, right?)

They lie very openly and refuse to apologise, or even pretend that their behaviour "means something else" and that "it is not what people think it is"!!!
They seem to believe that they are somewhat 'misunderstood' when they do these things- but when the opposition do or say things thats hardly 'offensive" by any standards - and then suddenly .... it isn't our culture!!!

Have any of them been taken to task?
I doubt it - if anything, they were only rewarded with influential posts and more power. On the other hand, maybe they "hold others at ransom"!
Actually the denials upon denials and then the admission of "Kebinatangan" appears to be in line with the culture of "flipping & flopping", among quite a few prominent personalities of late. That's "in our culture", according to these cultural experts!
We all know who bred the "dogs", and who "let the dogs out" - and I'm quite certain Pak Lah is doing a good job at putting them on a leash, after taking over from the chief breeder himself.

Just hope some "prominent 'opinion-leading' bloggers" don't call for a blog-strike in disgust! (whatever that means)
Their blogging on things may make these "leaders" smarter - forget about the general public (compared to these imbeciles, the public are really geniuses ....).
Though chances are slim for any success,
who knows- when you're "prominent personality" taken note of by the MSM & all, it may be worth an effort ;-)
Check out this hilarious clip:-


  1. he is a disgrace, it all like a show for him, a freak circus show. The privilege to these MPs are being abused like nobody's biz.

  2. Pak Lah cant b expected to handle all the cukup umur adults under him. They all have their own brains to use to make whatever decisions or acts (can Pak Lah actually stop Bung from making those gestures?)

    Btw, the same can be said for PR, if not i shall say worse. PAS DAP and PR leaders does things at their own discretion sometimes, without much relevance or vision as a whole. And is Anwar (or right now Datin Seri Azizah) supposed to handle all the individuals in PR himself?

  3. Dear daniel,
    Oh yes, he can!
    He can put "the fear of God" in the through many ways, should he not be able to make them all subscribe to a code of conduct.

    The only reason they behave in that manner is becos they wish to attain prominence and "notoriety" - that appears to be the way members of certain parties get the rewards!
    They don't get reprimanded by "higher authorities" - never!
    At the most, they get a slap on the wrist, for a media show.

    There is a great deal of indiscipline and "gutter behaviour" among politicians of a certain category - it appears to be the "culture" that they subscribe to under AAB.
    Under TDM (gotta hand to him for that), they were well reined in on a short "leash" - not out of discipline, but at least out of fear of "repercussions".

    As for the PR MPs, I have yet to see such "gutter behaviour" (as in the above images/ videos) among them - so the question doesn't arise (as yet, at least).
    They may differ in opinion and have conflict, but at least they do observe "decorum".

    I certainly don't see where they were worse in observing proper decorum/ conduct.
    Maybe you could help me out here?

  4. This is nonesense,
    This shouldn't fall on Pak Lah's lap.
    He cant stop Bung Mokhtar from doing the gestures.
    He didn't even know that Bung was going to make such gesture and then have the nerve to lie about it.
    It's silly to make such opinion.

  5. Dear Milo,
    The kid next door, doesn't know, that stealing or swearing is wrong unless he's taught - through words or the rod, by authorities or parents.
    If he were rewarded, he'd only repeat the misconduct.
    Of course the mum didn't know that the child would do it at birth!

    It's about setting a precedent & getting them to show more discipline, buddy!
    You say the CEO shouldn't crack the whip, and set a precedent?
    If not him, who?

    If that is the case, the CEO isn't responsible for actions of those below them in administration....

    In that case, every CEO can just ignore indiscipline of underlings, and in fact they can reward them for it with extra power lah!

    No wonder everybody in our political hierarchy seems to be having one big party, huh?

    Yes - Malaysia Boleh!!

  6. Dear Cruzeiro,

    In this case, Bung Mokhtar is a full-grown man.
    He's attended Parliment for so many times. It is he whom we should put the blame on, not Pak Lah. It's not that the are no laws or conduct in the Parliment but Bung Mokhtar himself choose to do it.
    And I didn't say that Pak Lah shouldn't give any saying about this, but to blame Pak Lah for Bung's attitude that will be nonesense

  7. Of course lah - Pak Lah's not to blame directly for that moment in time.
    On that note, did you see his behaviour during the "bocor" remark?
    He was obviously excited & enjoying himself like a kid!

    After such shameful conduct, I believe he is today BBC chairman! (correct me if I'm wrong ....)
    I'm sure that was meant to be a "warning" to him!

    Like I said - it's about setting a "Precedent", that others would take note of, and refrain from misbehaviour, really "growing up" and showing some "self control" & observing decorum...

    For not setting a precedent and refrainig from taking them to task, Pak Lah IS indirectly responsible - not for the individual's conduct for the moment, but their poor discipline as a whole.

    That's all.

  8. David Ganesan11/07/2008, 00:01 a father myself I feel like it's abit unfair to put the blame and shame of such a rotten apple on Pak Lah. He's not ruling with iron-fist, hence his BN people are allowed the freedom this way.


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