Wednesday, 9 July 2008

The "Music" of Carburettor Dung

Nope - no "blog-strike" here ..... I don't indulge in childish political agendas, or claim to represent people I don't know.
Those who think they do - let them be "perasan".
[Sorrylah Rocky & Marina - I don't think you are entitled to "represent bloggers" in the MSM in this case. I thought it was an unjustified, shameful & pathetic attempt at buttering certain people, while discrediting & drawing ridicule upon the blogging community - you guys better come clean on this.
After all, we Malaysians need self-proclaimed "smart bloggers" with weak stomachs for the can-o-worms,
to keep us out of the dark ages :-P]

The political mudslinging recently reached fever pitch .....
Taking a break from the Nazri spin, Altantuya, SDs, Denial SOPs, Missing PIs (under duress) and Sodo Mee Fevers that has gripped the nation, here's some Carburettor Dung-tertaiment.
Since I had a good laugh at their expense, in all fairness - here's a videoclip of their performance in JB (the sound on camera isn't too good, butt!).


True - they definitely don't have to apologize. They only did what they normally do.
It probably is a feather in their cap - they did evoke plenty of "energy and anger" (albeit, of the wrong kind) at the rally!
Couldn't say the same for the organizers of the rally, though ...

Hey man - I never said they weren't good in their own way.
It does have a good beat to it. Definitely not for my mellowed-down, "middle-aged" and "respectable:-P" palate/ ear, though - 20yrs ago when I used to be "into it", maybe.
Yep - they're quite okay, and have their own fans in the UG circuit.
Pretty peaceful crowd too (despite all the "energy") at JB- but I seriously doubt that they'd gel with the crowd that turned up at Kelana Jaya Stadium ...

However, I still think it was a major "F-up" on Sham's part to have featured them at a political rally which is meant for the general public (which includes kids and the "ultra conservatives). It definitely cannot be deemed as "suitable entertaiment" for the "Protes" event, which is more mainstream .... although it would be a good idea to get the UG, upstream/downstream headbanging crowd to be part of the movement towards national political consciousness.

These guys usually thrive on being "anti-establishment", no matter what - they don't want to be "mainstream". They like being "rebels" (even if it is without a cause). Their events are meant for a niche" crowd, suited for those sentiments.
Being "politically incorrect" is their trademark!
It's sad that Sham Rais and the event organisers don't seem to understand that. Just becos they are "anti-establishment", it doesn't mean that they "gel" with the sentiments of the general public at such events.
Sounds like the organizers didn't have their pulse on the people in this case .... it just shows the detachment.
Anyway, although I'm not exactly "conservative", I'd be horrified, should a 10yr-old kid takes a liking to this UG culture, without knowing what it stands for ...

Their name still does tickle the funny bone in me though ....
"Carburettor DUNG" - what a name .... but it does kinda "grow on you"?!


  1. I suppose the organizers invited CD for their "anti-establishment" fame..but they cannot to not have known of their "satirical" habit of mooning. And they put the picture of that woman with her two young kids everywhere, saying this is why the Protes Rally represented everyone. it's either they're daft or this is deliberate..neither of which makes for a good people alliance now, eh?

  2. so basically they invited CD to represent them, in musical sense perhaps?
    anti-establishment and rebels.

  3. it's such a laugh that the rally has fast becoming an event that's being remembered as the butt-showing event.
    This rally is not what we, Malaysians want in daily basis.
    Something must be done.
    Stop the PR from further implementing hatred in the rakyat.


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