Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Mahfuz did it. Now Hadi/ Nasha - APOLOGIZE!

"What we need is a Leadership that is not only right where we are right, but right where we are wrong".
- G.K. Chesterton.

"Lest the proponents of this "cooperation" forget, may I remind you - that the reason we oppose actions of a government isn't necessarily to vote it out, but to demand better governance."

-The PAS "Cooperation" and Vote.
Admitting his mistake for issuing the denial, Mahfuz said he had received complaints and criticisms for his "lie" from party members and Pakatan Rakyat supporters.
"Due to the action of certain individuals in the name of Pas and without the knowledge of the central working committee as they did not inform in detail to the party, Pas directed me to issue a denial of such meetings and negotiations," he said.

"Therefore, with sincerity, I would like to apologise for my unintentional mistake. I call on the Pas leadership to be honest with members and supporters, and to work towards strengthening the current political coalition (Pakatan).

- http://themalaysianinsider.com/

"Dalam masa yang sama ,katanya, PAS masih sanggup mengadakan muqabalah bukannya muzakarah dalam keadaan PAS ditekan yang sangat kuat oleh Umno.
"Sebelum ini ada pemimpn PAS yang dibunuh,
ada pemimpin PAS di Terengganu difitnah ... dan lain-lain lagi," ujarnya.

- http://www.pas.org.my/pas/harakah/


Dear Mr. President,
Firstly, allow me to "applaud" you on your "ability to convince" the people that it wasn't "mu-zakar-ah", but "muqabalah" - whatever that means.
No need to get defensive - we know what that means ......

Although I generally distrust politicians who double up as "Godmen" most (especially the ones with lots of "conservative attires"), I thought that you deserved the benefit of doubt.
However, you have chosen to remove all doubts, and prove me right!

[What was the "pressure" that was imposed upon you by Umno? Did they "blackmail" you over something?
The charges of "ada pemimpn PAS yang dibunuh" and "`dirompak' royati minyak," are quite grevious and could warrant a police report - was one made?]

Mahfuz, in humility (or maybe just common sense), has come out openly to apologize .... for the "misinformation"
- mind you, it was for "following orders" so as to adhere to the chain of command.
Who issued the order?
Being the President and the "commander-in-chief", you are now in the line of fire - do the honourable thing and Apologize.

The following are some excerpts from some of my past entries, I now dedicate to you - and I begin (and end) with the words of Ravi Zacharias .....

"I wonder, if there were to be a portrait of my soul or your soul, how would it best be depicted?
Does not the conscience sting, when we think in these terms?
Though we have engineered many ways of avoiding physical consequences, how does one cleanse the soul?

Today we find a limitless capacity to raise the question of evil as we see it outside ourselves, but often hold an equal unwillingness to address the evil within us.
What do we do when we have committed a wrong that we are ashamed of?
What can we do with those wrongful deeds that we can’t seem to erase from our consciences?

One way that many people deal with guilt is to cover it up.

This can seem almost instinctive at times,
as if something inside us says, “Hide it. Forget about it. No one can know.”
But this puts us in a very precarious position, for not only are we dealing with guilt, but now we are dealing with the fear of being “found out.”

When we add fear to our feelings of guilt we are adding apprehension to the remorse we are struggling to conceal. Just as a blackmailer is never satisfied, so the one who lives in fear with guilt ends up blackmailing his or her own heart to pay the mind.
But the heart is never consoled, for the mind is never sufficiently paid.

Guilt that is concealed seldom stops with the one who harbors that hurt. Sooner or later that pain of fear and guilt is spread to others, particularly to those closest to us.
“Victimless” crimes are an illusion, for deceit is a monster that needs constant feeding. It would be foolish for us to think that we can deal with guilt by somehow covering it up.

The moment that we cover our guilt we escalate the tension in our lives by adding the dimension of fear. We may then become people who seem okay on the outside, but inside we are struggling to maintain the facade."
Ravi Zacharias

".............."race or religion" based politics - this has been the curse that has been handed down to us by those who refused to accept and thus betrayed the the ideals that Dato' Onn Jaafar, the Father of UMNO, stood for.
They instead killed every opportunity to build a nation based on "Values and Principles".

They preferred to play the race game that would be a short cut to power consolidated upon those politically "victorious", ie the Muslim Malay race.......
How I wish I could hear the music of politicians shouting out against the subtle persecutions against the all Malaysians be they Muslim, Christian, Hindu, Buddhists or Animists, be they of BN or the Opposition.
-A Curse in the Malaysians' Embrace.

"The spirit of Merdeka has been subverted by racists and the religious zealots over the years, and has been replaced by chauvinism – racial and religious..... Unfortunately, we are a society so paralyzed by symptomatic solutions one has to wonder whether we will learn anything from this mindless atrocity.......

Having failed in its shortcut to an economic miracle, the advocates of the system (clamouring for issues and a new agenda to perpetuate their greed and envy) the now choose to preach intolerance, “arabisation”, and religiosity in the name of God, to further isolate, and “drug into a stupor” a beautiful people that was once open to change.

Even if we aren't too accurate in our assessment, much of what has passed off for Islamisation by the govt was nothing more than frothy God-talk, mindless, thoughtless, and in its exploitation of people, heartless. The “one upmanship” practised by the various institutions that espouse religious chauvinism, is in fact a pathetic display of their failures and insecurities......
Malaysia today is a nation that has lost its conscience. "
"Where is the Spirit of Merdeka?"

These R&R factors have been and will be the overriding factors in determining the direction that the nation takes in the next few years.
These next few years (probably 10-15 yrs) will determine what the future holds for all Malaysians.
As things are, the politicians, clerics and the people appear to lack the courage to face the truth and abandon the old feudal, racist and religiosity that is today being used to subvert the nation.
The future does not look too appealing, any which way we look at it.
The day when all else is lost, let us pray that there will still be hope.
The Overbearing R&R Factor.

The “sandiwara” of “strife” will be created again as was done repeatedly by the powers that be, since independence from British rule.
-A Malay Mindset For a Better Malaysia.

"It will not do to cling to the cause and wish the result away.
Reality does not play mind games.
What is more, to anesthetize the mind in order to abort what comes to birth when wrong ideas are conceived and borne in the womb of culture, will only kill the very life-giving force of the nation that nurtures the idea.
We must learn, in the words of one cultural commenter, to live as wise as serpents and as innocent as doves."

-Ravi Zacharias


  1. pecintakeamanan29/07/2008, 16:23

    Yang telah melakukan kesalahan eloklah mengakui kesalahannya dan meminta maaf. Itu adalah lebih mulia daripada terus mendustakannya.

    Diharapkan perkara sebegini tidak lagi dilakukan pada masa akan datang. Kerana kesilapan akibat tindakan kita boleh mengubah keadaan menjadi lebih teruk lagi, lebih-lebih lagi bagi seseorang pemimpin.

  2. well now PAS has admitted too that their alliance (opps, they refuse to give it that much) with Pakatan is nothing but a convenient marriage. I suppose it'd be too harsh to call what they've been doing all along a deception, but the people who took up on their promise of change and voted for them, it's bound to hurt now isn't it, to hear this?

  3. well an applaud for Mahfuz for doing that.
    Now we wait for the others to do the same.maybe if this practice is done on regular basis, our political arena will be a lil bit 'cleaner.'


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