Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Promoting Political Ghettoes of Conceit.


Pendapat Abdul Khalid bahawa cadangannya itu akan dapat menjadikan para pelajar UiTM lebih mesra kepada masyarakat berbilang bangsa di luar kehidupan kampus, menyediakan mereka kepada suasana pekerjaan dan meningkatkan daya saing, kata Dr Ibrahim hanya merupakan pandangan dan bukannya fakta.
Naib Canselor itu berkata ini kerana pelajar UiTM merupakan antara graduan pilihan majikan terutama swasta baik dari dalam negara mahupun antarabangsa dan sebilangan daripada mereka kini menjadi pemimpin dalam sektor korporat.

- Bernama

Pemuda PAS akan membahaskan usul mewujudkan satu sekretariat bersama dengan badan-badan bukan kerajaan (NGO) yang memperjuangkan isu-isu Melayu dan Islam seumpama kumpulan pelobi Jawatankuasa Rayuan Pilihanraya Gabungan Persatuan China (Suqiu) dalam muktamarnya yang bermula esok.


It is interesting to note that PAS made a step in the right direction in attempting to create a political lobby group to look into the social/cultural interests of the Malay/Muslim community.
Some may view it as a "racist" agenda, on part of PAS politicians - but I believe that such a perception may not be too accurate.

It would possibly placate those whose political gurus have been stoking sectarian conflicts for the last 25 yrs, and assist them in dispelling their unfounded fears of being "dispossessed in their own land".
This would aid a great deal in helping the community to get out of the "ghetto/siege mindset" that is nurtured and promoted by racist politicians and "educationists". However, PAS would do well to inculcate universal ethical values into them, instead of focusing solely on the narrow "Islamist agenda" which happens to be both the strength and weakness at the same time.

Should this "united NGO" materialize with proper ethical values, Malaysia may just be able to move on to national politics, devoid of racist ideas/ideals. It is however quite possible that efforts towards this end may be sabotaged by "racist parties", who insist on following the beaten path of sectarian politics, so as to hold on to their fort despite their mediocrity, under the guise of "defending the race/religion".

It isn't surprising that the VC of UiTM had made the comments mentioned above, after having been in that one and only hallowed institution for all his life- after all, he apparently finished both his BA and MA within 3 yrs!! Moreover, all the theses and publications that he churned out were apparently UiTM-centric - so totally "impressive" indeed.

To pathetic academicians like Dr. Ibrahim, race takes precedence over all matters in "education" - students should be given the privilege of living in institutionalized educational ghettoes "to defend the race".
Apparently, it is how students should be instilled with "universal values", and then can go on to "succeed" in the cruel world out there, under the banner of "ketuanan melayu".

It's quite interesting to note his conviction that UiTM are much sought after in the private sector and internationally.
Call it what you may - but if that isn't conceit, I really don't know what the word means!!

"Poor" things - little Hadhari students and all....., we cannot expect better from "ghetto" inmates, I suppose.
Anyway, if racism fails to convince the people, we always have the option to make "Religion - The Politician's Playground", so as to reinforce the siege/ghetto mentality into the youngsters of today - and we don't have any shortage of political gurus on that front ....


  1. UiTM for malay only meh...? I got a lot of my sabah sarawak frens in utim too what... So why the fella want to bring up ketuanan "melayu" up?

  2. i think this is just one of the ways that the selangor MB is doing to gain some non-malay support... well done, the non-malays are happy (at least), but at the same point he might have angered even more bumis and malays... Well, sumone cant have both of both world rite?

  3. Dear Lucid,
    I was actually referring to the "ghetto mentality" which is propagated among the "bumiputras", which is in essence "apartheid".

    But since you brought it up ....
    What have the "Ketuanan Melayu", "Hak Bumiputra" delusions got in common?
    (I do not refer to or dispute the constitutional "special status of natives" here - be clear about that.)
    These are fallacies and lies that serve to inflate their egos, and corrupt them with the evils of "pride & envy", by the act of denying others similar opportunities - while the plunder goes on.

    These are "supremacist" ideologies that preached by pirates as "indisputable truths" under a "social contract" that is not in accordance with the constitution.
    Of course, the constitution does not forbid affirmative action - but it does forbid discrimination and divisive policies which don't work towards that elusive dream of "Nationhood".

    We are today a state with borders with a military force to defend the sovreignty - that's all.
    Not a Nation (we don't desrve that distinction as yet) with a people who share a common ideal, or destiny.

    I'll say one thing for sure - the Sabahans and Sarawakians aren't having a good time with the peanuts thrown at them. FYI, neither are the Malays.

    And IF you believe otherwise, you're simply deluded, and it is precisely what pirates want you to believe so as to facilitate their agenda of greed.

    Cheers mate!

  4. Daniel,
    Khalid was absolutely right in what he said - only his timing was bad.
    Even our dear Mahathir said so - but it was spun in the MSM as an objection!

    He simply mooted an idea that was done before, but was snubbed/rejected by the "nons", due to racism being practiced on campus.

    This was an idea that was mooted not in the interest of the "nons", but to get these ghetto inmates out of their comfort zones.

    These small minded ghetto promoters don't see that it is they who will lose in the end.

    Nothing will stop the "Nons" from progressing faster than these racists who love psychological ghettoes - nothing can dampen the spirit of an industrious man.
    And talent, like water - will find it own level.
    That would say a lot about UiTM's "world class education" .....

  5. BN PP candidate against DSAI, Shah Omar "speaks" Mandarin and Hokkien. Ha ha! So what? He has an AMNO mind. Mind you, as a Mamak, he was the one who led the anti-Chinese/Indian protest in Penang in Komtar in order to demonise Lim Guang Eng. The Chinese and Indian voters will compare the notes with him on voting day when they will award him zero contract (vote).


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