Thursday, 11 September 2008

Hate Mongers in Action!

Official truths are often powerful illusions.

- John Pilger

The majority of the Malay professionals and young Malays have hardened their stand on the position of their race since the disaster of 2008. They are incensed especially by the arrogance of the Bar Council. They now question the social contract and reject the need to adhere to it. This sounds almost like the Chinese stand. But the difference is startling and disturbing.
- Mahathir,

Like I said in my comments in an earlier post, the man to watch now is SuperDet himself. Umno is on it's knees begging for anything to perpetuate their hegemony.
Pirates will be pirates.
You're thinking of having "unity govt" with these guys?
They only understand the language of threats and blackmail.
They don't understand the language of ethics, decency, conscience and "values" - what matters to them is that they can blackmail people to work for them, so as to give value to the monies they enjoy.
They wish to deal in money, but refuse to abandon "the gun".
This is modern day slavery under Pirates - the money is just a front.

These pirates encourage what a reader called the "Dilbert Sydrome", wherein the mediocre are given "opportunities" to strangle the life out of the industrious, thus promoting the pirate's philosophy. These ignoramuses would of course be eternally grateful to the "masters" for their "progress in life" and would do their master's bidding without a thought, in the interest of self-preservation.
Pirates in high places revel in the ignorance and mediocrity of the common man, as it allows them to convince the ignorant they they'd lose out bigtime should they compete according to the law. They make it a point to drum it into their subjects that they are incapable and weak, and as such, need the law to legitimize the plunder advocated by the pirates.
They come up with a political spin called 'social contract" as an excuse to legitimize "legalized robbery".
Is it any wonder that many a turd-world nation in South America and Africa (like Zimbabwe) and the "Islamic world" are in the same predicament?

This what the BN "social contract' is all about.
To them, the real social contract of the Federal Constitution is nothing but toilet paper - just a front to grant them legitimacy on the world stage.
It is what Mahathir preaches with all his sloganeering and "Malay" Chauvinism, despite being a first generation Malaysian himself
- Bondage & enslavement of the Malay mind in its seige mentality.
He preaches the primitive response of "Flight or Fight" - reason has no role to play with such as these.
Just look at Umno Baru with the litter of imbeciles he has left behind for AAB to deal with, and you'll know what I mean. In his myopic "vision", Malaysia has to become a bigger Umno Baru, devoid of accountability, justice, conscience, philosophy and intellect.

If you ask me, the Malays have to think of their children's future. They have to make a choice between succumbing to threats & fear mongering, and stand up for truth and justice - so that the truth can set them free. They are today in Bondage.
If in the process of the struggle, truth and justice loses - so be it.
Malaysia is doomed to the cesspit of chaotic failed states ruled by pirates - and the slide downhill would be irreversible.
Should that be the case, in due time, Mahathir can have his vision for a truly homogenous Malay Muslim state at odds with itself, while his decendants happily become the new "penjajah".
The Malay children of tomorrow can thump their chests and their empty bellies, and shout out the hate politics/chauvinism of "Ketuanan Melayu" with no more scapegoats left, except their their own kind.

This disgusting old goat wishes to run down Tunku's vision of Nationhood.
Mahathir wishes to stoke the fires of racism through Racial-hate politics.
He now claims that all Malays reject the idea that non-Malays are equal before the law, oblivious to the facts seen on March 8th and Permatang Pauh. Even if it weren't the case he wishes to get the Malays to think so - and mind you, he has a strong following among the mindless imbeciles (you only need to look at the comments in his blog to see what I mean), for whom he does what they call "thinking".

He wishes to enslave the Malays to Umno, through hate mongering and "Malay" hegemony. He seems to be rooting for inter-racial confrontational politics. He wants the NEP - a Malaysian "Cold War".
He wishes to subvert the Federal Constitution and render it into toilet paper. He wishes to discredit the Bar Council, the Judiciary and the concept of "Rule of Law".
He wishes to render the Constitution invalid. He wishes for nothing less than Racial conflict by harping on the BN "social contract".
He cannot accept the fact that the political and economic landscape has changes. What is being threatened now is the very legitimacy of the Constitution, and the contribution of all citizens towards the making of Malaysia.

He wishes to blackmail all right thinking Malaysians into submission to his demonic ideas. He advocates a dictatorship of the elite "Malays" who are made of decendants of immigrants themselves.
He wishes that Malaysia be ruled by pirates perpetually
- Dulu, Kini dan Selamanya.
The bottomline here is the will of the majority, the real Malay electorate - do they allow the people a chance to consider God-ordained, rational and just options, or do they wish to be enslaved under the shell of the "BN Social Contract with towkays" in bondage to their Pirate master.

Let's see how he faces-off with DS Anwar Ibrahim .....


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  1. To my mind, CheDet is no longer of any consequence.

    Nik Aziz says he may just help hasten the sinking of the BN ship and the old man may be right.

  2. Maybe so - but I'd agree to that only in the long run.
    In the near future though, as you said, "you can bet your rasgoolas 'it' will happen again!"

    Despite the winter years, I wouldn't rule out another "al-maunah" or "KMM" scenario to create "fear",
    or even other "exciting" events to promote the "siege mentality" (we won't talk about 513 here) soon, so as to reinforce the "Hang Tuah mindless allegience" ethos ....


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