Wednesday, 10 September 2008

"Hearing" Postponed!

The hearing of the "case" against DSAI has been postponed to 24/9/08.

Malaysiakini reports ->, "Justice Komathy fixed Sept 24 for the parties to argue on the validity of an order signed by Attorney-General Abdul Gani to transfer the case to the high court".

It appears that what is said in the post
AG- The Institution over the Individual? Here?, is true after all
- Nazri was wrong or ignorant to say that the AG wouldn't be involved in the case!
The Individual is somehow not under the Institution after all - and I'm not the least bit surprised.

It's either somebody lied in public, or is plain ignorant of the "system" works - maybe it was just a spin to last out till the dust settle, and then it would be business as usual?

Anyway, the man to watch right now isn't Nazri, Hamid Albar, Ahmad Ismail or Zulkifli Nordin .....
The man to watch now is none other than Mr.SuperDet himself, who has come back to give "Ketuanan Melayu" and mediocrity, new "Voice" ......

Did I hear someone speak of of shotgun diplomacy in "keeping the peace or we'll run amuck against the 'nons'"?
Did I hear someone speaking of 5.13?
So this is what the spin about the BN's unconstitutional "social contract" is all about, is it? The grubby hands on the shrinking pie ....

No wonder the mad cow from Penang got some tacit support from somebody who made a U-turn within 24hrs .....


  1. Hearing postponed on Sept 24. That means Anwar still have opportunity to make the next step to create his own government. Anyway, he still can't do that because it is not an easy job to create new government in just a few days...For Anwar, just stop his daylight dreaming to be PM...

  2. Hi there Anon!
    Don't fool yourself - Anwar had 10yrs to plan.
    Like I said earlier, it is unlikely that it will happen on that very day.
    Most likely it will be around the weekend.

    Believe it or not - Actually Anwar already has his cabinet lined up, and is more than ready for the job.
    In fact, he definitely has the "contigency plans" in place - even in the face of SuperDet himself!
    Nothing will stop Anwar now!

    However, this conviction is out from observation - I have no way to prove it.


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