Tuesday, 5 May 2009


Wong Chin Huat arrested for sedition
5 May 09 : 8.34PM

By Jacqueline Ann Surin

PETALING JAYA, 5 May 2009: Political scientist Wong Chin Huat has been arrested for sedition and taken to Bukit Aman tonight.

Wong (Pic courtesy of Bersih)

His personal computer has also been seized by the police.

Lawyer Edmund Bon said he received a phone call from the academic at about 7.45pm to say that the police were at his apartment in Seri Sentosa, Kuala Lumpur.

Bon said he spoke to the police officer on the phone and was told that a police report had been lodged against Wong for sedition.

"However, the officer refused to say who lodged the report and over what," Bon said in a phone interview tonight.

Bon also said that Wong was in his car park and as of 8.15pm, was refusing to follow the police until someone arrived to accompany him.

"I'll be asking the police to record Wong's statement tonight and to release him immediately," Bon said.

However, under the law, the police can detain a person for 24-hours after arrest before bringing him or her before a magistrate.

Earlier this morning, Wong, as a representative of the Coalition for Free and Fair Elections (Bersih), held a press conference to launch the 1BLACKMalaysia campaign, and urged all Malaysians to wear black on 7 May to protest the "ongoing Perak coup" by the Barisan Nasional (BN) government.

Wong teaches journalism at Monash University (Malaysia). He is also a columnist with The Nut Graph.


(from Jelas Info)

Chin Huat arrested; probable location: Bkt Perdana; heading over

Ok, from info I have so far, Chin Huat has been taken to the Commercial Crimes Dept, in Bkt Perdana, behind Bank Negara.

I’m leaving soon to head on over there, come by if you can in solidarity.

Word has it that it’s a sedition charge, probably related to 1BlackMalaysia. His location, if accurate, suggests that it may have been something written online as well.

Chin Huat is a really great guy. A little excitable, but about as far as seditious as one can be (if only the same could be said of say, Ahmad Said).

This arrest is probably about Perak.

Can you smell their fear? See it in their eyes?

And Mr. “review ISA” Najib. Mr. 1Malaysia. It looks like we don’t even have to wait a goddamned month to see your true colours eh?

I’ll try to get someone to update jelas while I’m away if possible.

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