Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Chin Huat Arrest - Why the "Whisking away"?

Chin Huat whisked by cops to unknown location; Will you let them silence his attempt to turn M’sia black this Thursday?

I arrived at Bukit Perdana just before 10. There had been people there probably from 8.30 or 9, waiting to see Chin Huat.

As our patience wore on, a team of lawyers started getting more insistent on entering the building to give Chin Huat a chance to exercise his right to legal counsel.

Bar Council President Ragunath was present and leading much of the charge, intimating at one point that his office gave him access to the King, but he couldn’t seem to get through to some deadbeat police officer who was too cowardly to come down and face the crowd (instead sending down a sergeant who I had the pleasure of meeting during my time in the same building, who found himself arguing with a very tough crowd).

Datuk Ambiga, Sivarasa and Latheefa were all also there banging the table, so to speak. A number of DAP YB’s as well as PAS’ Dr. Dzulkifli were on hand at some point or another.

They forced the cops into a stalemate, as we refused to move out, and they refused to let the lawyers see Chin Huat.

Eventually, while we gave them the benefit of a little more time (after waiting more than 4 hrs), a car suddenly sped out of the compound, and some of us spotted Chin Huat in cuffs, bravely waving to us before the care was rushed out of sight.


Presumably he is spending the night in some godforsaken lockup. The cops were too devious to let us know which one, but hopefully we will pick up on this the next time.

It is also presumed that he will be taken to court tomorrow to be either charged, or (more likely) brought to face a remand hearing.

I suspect the cops will once again purposely not inform Chin Huat’s lawyers of his remand hearing, which will leave the team scrambling around town trying to find out when and where the hearing will be held.

If they touch one hair of his head, or deny him even an iota of his full legal rights under the law, I think we can safely bury Najib’s already dying political credibility.

To imagine, all this because of they *know* they’ve acted against the people in Perak. As a result, one Ipoh boy born and bred, has been jailed for his struggle to return democracy to his home.

It now falls to you and me to keep the flames of indignation against injustice burning bright.

Make Chin Huat proud, make his sacrifice not in vain, make sure we turn Malaysia black this Thursday.


  1. Yay! I like the black background! :)

  2. Come to think of it, I like it too!

    But I don't like Jibby's black politics ....
    Like a spoilt brat, that guy is a coward who's chicken to face the people at Penanti, but so so brave to use goons to terrorise them in Ipoh.
    At least the Toon has some guts at his old age .....


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