Thursday, 21 May 2009

It's Cool, Man - "What did you expect us to do?"

Breaking News!!
"Using the mighty media at his disposal, and

the various "Post-Mortems" conducted (Kugan & Aminah included) ,
our beloved PM has managed to come to a very profound conclusion
-on the problem that plagues BN and UMNO."

KUALA LUMPUR, May 21 — The ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition has been hurt in the Perak saga only because it has not been as good at explaining its case, said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak.
Though he conceded that the saga had further damaged BN's already bruised reputation, he put it down to bad public relations on BN's part.
“I'm worried because the opposition have spun the story around. Our problem is, we're not as good at telling our side of the story. That's all,” he said.
Najib, who was measured in his responses during an interview with The Straits Times, became fired up when talking about Perak.......
".... What did you expect us to do?...."
-BN hurt by bad public relations, MalaysianInsider


  1. Now now, what have we been saying all the time? That UMNO is living in another world, haven't we? UMNO change? Not over their dead bodies! They must be buried, and for good.

  2. I believe a different person will react to a situation differently.
    Face realities that happen during this point of time; you change you survive, you don't change you die.
    Which on you think they should choose?

  3. Granted- Due to a certain disease of fear & apathy, there are those who are keen on allowing some elitist goon to dictate the change for the people (as in the case of the BN/Umno-ites, and Zimbabwe). Despite all their denials, it is simply because they love the peanuts thrown at them, or just don't care for the nation which is sliding downhill quite fast, while thumping their chests & shouting out about their "special status & privileges which are spun out as (non-existent) rights".

    I'd rather help make the changes I would prefer peacefully in this nation I love - thru elections and civil society activism, while contributing to society economically, & by creating awareness on human rights/justice.

  4. Oh btw bujang,
    They don't choose anything - they just go with the flow, as long as the gravy train is still running. They'll fight to hang on, and will only abandon ship on when all hope is lost.
    So what "change" are we talking about?


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