Saturday, 23 May 2009

MAHATHIRISM - Reloaded.....

By "Apanama"

(Note: I'm numbering the points I wish to make today- lest some aging grey matter of mine looses track of them, half-way through reading. Just f%#* the parts my selective @$$ of a memory fails me ....)

1. One way of adulating a politician in power, is to demonize and paralyse the opposition - and give himself pats on the back for pea-brained ideas/ventures (e.g. Bakun Dam, Proton, KLCC, OPV projects) through an idiotic and servile MSM.

2. When a Chinaman across the causeway labels you as an “ultra”, you use it to your advantage- and prove it in your party, by giving all mega-buck contracts to your cronies and party minions while you bleed the ignorant rakyat. make sure though, even if you have to give the most measly contract, you gotta make sure you get your cut ..... at least in the form of what you may call "goodwill investment".

3. It took me decades to live it live it up. When I was Prime Minister there was consternation among many Malays that a “non” could become one. But look at me now - how they "worship" me ..... ! What was .... (hmmmm.....I'm sorry my aging grey matter doesn't permit me to finish this sentence - refer to for further details on this sentence)

4. However, by the time I stepped down I had managed to lie to the Malaysian morons, in such a way that befits that description. In the 1999 Election it was Chinese votes which helped give me the 2/3 majority in Parliament, because I managed o scare the hell out of the MCA Chinaman (and the Semi Value worshipping MIC Tamilans) with plenty of horrific news about “Islamic extremists”. All I needed to do was to have the blame murders/ assasinations of nons pinned on some vague KMM, Al Maunah (which incidently got their arms from an army depot - during the time of "apanama" as defense minister) or whatever - who cares anyways.
Along with that, as per the Umno method, I also threatened a little 513 lah …. however, they humiliated me later by giving Bodowi a 90% vote in the following elections. These freakin' bus-turds – I'll get them through my baby moron who is now a high-profile deputy minister …....

5. Now the doomsday label is Mahathirism, and it makes my poor old decrepit heart beat with pride. Such was the fear of this thing called Mahathirism that they had to do a Perak on the public to reinforce the fear. The foreign press and the local non-MSM seem to correctly imply authoritarian Government with Mahathirism.

6. No one has yet described the rule of Dato Seri Abdullah Badawi as Badawism. It must be because he is said to be liberal and free from authoritarianism. But is he? Relatively speaking, very much so. But then again, they could've at least used the term Bodowism or something like that.

7. It appears to be simply because the mainstream media, print or electronic, is totally controlled by him through his hatchet man, Kalimullah. However, because Malaysians grew up and resorted to the blogs for information, he wasn't as effective as the media goons in my time.

8. Until the bloggers came into the picture and their blogs became extremely popular as they reported the truth, the black-out was effective. Smart fella this Kali guy - Kali's media reports some of the news and views appearing on the blogs. Meanwhile, my spin-doctors are still clueless as to how to appeal to the masses – and now I have to resort to being a BUM speaker to recruit fresh talent.

9. Anyway, I still don't know why I'm pissed that the general public is not cursing authoritarianism of Abdullah. Just like my time, Ministers and civil servants critical of him have been removed. Many are in cold storage. Tan Sri Sanusi Junid - my dedicated henchman since 1988 Umno elections, who was President of the International Islamic University was one of those removed. No one has been appointed to his vacant place yet.

10. All these, of course aren't as spectacular as my adventures with Tun Salleh Abbas or Anwar, but it was the same tactic – so why don't they curse him? Correct.
Correct, Correct, Correct - In my time, a whole bunch of judges working with the UMNO owned judiciary had to resign, to be replaced by V.K. Lingam's nominees from the sidewalk. Ask Zaki – he'll tell you ….

11. But Corect. Correct, Correct, correct. Linggam has friends amongst the gutter politicians. So we shouldn't complain about Mahathirism. But publicly people have given all kinds of uncomplimentary labels to the 22 years of misrule by the fourth Prime Minister of Malaysia.

12. After the Perak coup d'etat and bundling out the Speaker like a sack of potatos, the arrests of people bearing candles and cakes or even wearing black, by now people can draw their own conclusions as to whether Mahathirism is reloaded .....
as Jibby-ism (some call it "Mongolism").

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