Thursday, 11 June 2009

Deja Vu?

48 hours later, fear still lurks in Kamunting
Humayun Kabir | Jun 11, 09 6:32pm
While the police chief says the situation has returned to normal after Monday's gang clash, a check by Malaysiakini reveals otherwise

This long has been long delayed. Me heard about it when it occurred, from a "passer by" here in the Klang valley.
It was rather peculiar that this news was pretty much blacked out in the media, and that a "gang clash" would lead to them attacking kids playing games in Cybercafes.

Call me paranoid, cynical or whatever - but it all seems to be very "fishy". Seemed to me more like an attempt at "raising tensions" by "certain quarters" in Perak (after the other failed attempts in other places in the past- as "reported" in certain blogs).

I wouldn't dwell on this though - which is what some people would want.
Thank goodness - nobody retaliated under the impression that it was a race related incident. "It" will happen again ..... until these "certain quarters" get what power they lust after, I suppose.

Lately, there was plenty of pro BN propaganda on TV1 over the apparently "niat jahat" of oppostion members to undermine the institution of the monarchy. Then Sultan Azlan comes out with this statement about "questioning" certain issues. "Certain quarters" are possibly working hard at "raising tensions" when issues have died down.
It appears that a certain community is being pumped with the siege-propaganda, so as to make them "rise in anger" - but I'm sure our Malaysian brothers are smarter than that. It is just these "certain quarters" who are being stupid and insist on living in the past.

Let's just see what the future holds .....

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