Thursday, 11 June 2009

Running with the wind.....

"Scholars, intellectuals, editors, and pundits too must share the blame.
When the nation sorely needs sober analyses and critical evaluations, they grovel themselves to be apologists and spinmeisters for the establishment.
They do not serve the nation with such postures, nor are they being true to themselves or their calling.
-Bakri Musa, Towards A Competitive Malaysia #107

"The inspiration to form a unity government came from Umno and they are obviously happy with what is happening in the party."
- TG Nik Aziz, Nik Aziz accuses ProUnity Govt PAS leaders as "Umno Puppets".



Firstly, I'd like to apologize to Hakim Joe for not being able to answer him on Malaysia Today. As I logged in today to reply, it just so happens that my "login has been blocked" by the admin.
Probably it's just a "technical error" - I wouldn't know.
Anyway Hakim, I don't know who these guys (Elijah Kok and cllim123) you suggest are- it is possibly you who know who or where they are, or maybe even why they might have "been blocked".
But I don't think I'm interested in being part of the comments section anymore .... getting too boring these days. Just like RPK, I too don't read the comments sections that much these days- too much of "hentam-keromo" comments, with little substance. Maybe I too was occasionally guilty of the same. It's time I "retired" myself from MT comments anyways .....
So, I wouldn't "contact administrator", as the popup suggested I do.

What a coincidence (not clairvoyance, okay)- I was telling a good friend of mine (let's just call that person- "nas") just last night, that there is a chance that I will get blocked by the MalaysiaToday Admin very soon, as I have been quite critical of the "slant" in certain columns of late.
Possibly, what I commented yesterday (given below), touched a raw nerve somewhere ( i.e. beyond the "mamak" word), in highlighting the "spinmeistering" in MalaysiaToday. That means, saying something without actually mentioning it.

Maybe it was the words - "mamak teh tarik", or the "rat called Hadi" (to mean - just as TGNAziz's "Umno Puppets")- and once again, I wouldn't know. Though I understand the "current necessity of this tilt", I believe that there is no need to resort to "spin" - while thumping your chest about being some sort of psy-war expert for the gullible masses.
However, true to the Malaysian fashion, they'll need "bogeymen" to put the blame on, for all these.

I said what I said in my comment, because I believe, there was a little spinning that needed to be cleared, in the way words are used to get certain subtle messages across. It was pathetic to see people resorting to wordplay, instead of saying it as it is.

Anyway, I guess that is the last of my participation on Malaysia Today. It was good while it lasted. Maybe, it was a mistake for me to participate, and be critical these days- after all, RPK thinks I should "get professional help" for being critical ..... (ha, ha)

Indeed, RPK was right (some boot-polishers might add, "as usual" to these kinda words) - the quality of debates in the comments section has been quite pathetic. Those were the days when the comments were often very vibrant and gave food for thought (despite the occasional profanity, which RPK himself indulged in - without apologies). It was a time when MT provided issues and the time to debate matters, so as to get people thinking.
But not anymore.

Now, I guess that's history...... and it seems like Mahathirists and "unitarians" would be more welcome in the "free forum" presented in MalaysiaToday today. Some may claim that this is part of the "psy-war" on the masses, or maybe simply self-preservation (some call it "sellout").
These days, it has become a "tabloid-like news portal" with umpteen updates per day, and no time for a well thought-out debate/ comments. Too many distraction s with "breaking news" stuff. It is a far cry from what it was before it became a pop phenomenon - but then again, I guess that's how things go ......
Besides the numerous idiotic comments that are there now, maybe we'll soon be getting commenters who start competing to be the first to comment as in of old - that will be the day, I guess ...... haha!
Well ... what can you say, except that self-aggrandizement does take it's toll!

Maybe, in future, MT will end up being just another "tabloid" news portal with a diarrhoea of "hot news" overload, with little of the substance which gave it "character" in the past. Not much "zing" to it these days ....
Aah .... nostalgia does creep in.
But I guess I'll still be visiting for the "hot news" and "spins", just as I browse other MSMs online.....

Dear Pete,
Remember your "Otak Udang" days?
Interesting fella, this clown - wasn't he?
"HakimJoe" is quite an interesting fella, too .... and so are a few other characters in the comments section. Miss those guys in the pre 2008 days who use to have heated debates, and yet remain civil (with the occasional outbursts, of course). (In fact, I even copied some of the interesting ones onto my hard drive & some onto this blog...)
Quite unlikely, but do you remember the "spat" we had (one among many) when you were writing about the virtues of "Islamic government" and started calling me names? Well, what goes around comes around to haunt you, doesn't it? Strangely, it is the word "mamak" and not "Thamby".
How about writing to a commenter by the name of "
creeper" to tell him that you knew that he was "Chinese" from the way he used "513" instead of "May13"? I'm sure he was impressed with your amazing powers of deduction!! Haha!
Don't worry Pete - we know that the agenda is still the "unity government" proposal. Just like TG Nik Aziz, I'd rather call it the "sell-out"
(a la post 513) proposal. It does make me wonder why you cannot grasp the philosophical ramifications of such an endeavour (as I might've written in the comments section each time you proposed it).
Nevertheless, good luck & enjoy your "
mamak teh-tarik" yah?
Cheers, mate!


The following are a few comments (and my last) on MalaysiaToday:-

written by cruzeiro, June 10, 2009 19:50:46
And Tok Guru Haji Hadi Awang graciously introduced the new Terengganu state government as the Barisan Alternatif government and not the PAS government.
I thought that this was jolly nice of him.

Yeah ... I'm sure kids thought the same when Jack the Ripper handed them lollipops!!

I started getting feedback from Terengganu that the civil servants are not happy and that they are thinking of giving the state back to Umno. I triggered the alarm bells but my pompous ******* of a boss pooh-poohed my report.

Excuse me Pete - you lost me here. You mean that Anwar is to blame for that rat called Hadi's incompetence? How is it that the loss of Terengganu becomes your ex-boss's headache when he had only one miserable seat, and it was Hadi's govt that ruled? First you bang Anwar, then you bang Khalid, while your guru Hadi is blameless. Like as if they don't know how Umno has subverted the civil service since Mahathir's time! Duhh!!
What's with this sudden warpath you take Pete? A little too much of "
mamak teh tarik" perhaps - it can sometimes fuddle, muddle & eff-up your thinking, y'know.
Oh yes, I forgot - Mahathir said Malaysians will be stupid while hiding the fact that they were forced to be stupid since his time in office .....

written by cruzeiro, June 10, 2009 20:17:09
Ok - I just read your reply to Littlebird. So this boss of yours was "Haji", and not DSAI. Could it have been this "Haji Unity Hadi" by any chance?

written by Littlebird, June 10, 2009 20:43:52
Well cruzeiro, it certainly looks like him, sounds like him but only Pete knows if its him.

... written by apa jadi, June 10, 2009 21:29:56
Hahaha....Cruz, good thing you brought out how Hadi "lost" Terengganu to BN. It actually slipped my mind. Now, he is talking about UNITY. Hehehe....I see a mole surfacing.

written by Hakim Joe, June 11, 2009 00:49:40
Hey cruzeiro, where are your friends Elijah Kok and cllim123?

written by Littlebird, June 11, 2009 08:34:40
Hi Pete, I wasn't mocking you but said it in a jest when I was replying cruzerio but I am out of line there. Apologies. Tuan Haji is not involved here and nothing you have written implicated him and moreover he was your teacher whom you have a lot of respect. Apologies, once again. Just little bit of lingam effect.

p.s. Why the curiosity of someone's bird?
smilies/grin.gif smilies/grin.gif smilies/grin.gif
-Remember "Yes, Minister"?, MalaysiaToday

Dances with Wolves - Pandering to the Devil's Alternative...
The PASsing of Reason
Hang on Guys .... It's Mu-zakar-ah Time!!


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  2. hey remember the days when MT used to have people with original opinions. now it's the same "it's najis this and that bla bla"

    those days are gone man..

    i no longer read the comment section. too much braindead zombies regurgitating the same crap regardless of the topic in discussion

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  4. Firstly, this wasn't meant for publication on MT. I was just expressing myself on the "trend" in MT these days, as opposed to the past.

    Hi Bendahara,
    I apologize - I do not recollect you as being someone significant or worth remembering on any issue. So don't flatter yourself, mate. Maybe it was the language you used that made people avoid you.
    Feel free to think otherwise anyways.
    Nine bans, and you take that as a feather in your cap - sorry mate, not my frequency.

    Are you by any chance the one with a very "original comment" on YouTube? I reminded me of comments on CheDet which I wrote about.
    It went as follows:-

    obefiend (3 hours ago)



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  6. Memories coming back, there are parts of it which you omitted... probably the parts where I BANG you guys kaw-kaw...LOL

    Remember, you guys wanted to have a drink in a Pub, and you guys were so scared of letting me know.. you guys used the PM system so that I don't find out.. like how you guys were planning a secret conspiracy to take the govt down.LOL...

    I have migrated, sudah sangat tinggi, tak boleh naik lagi tinggi.....LOL

  7. bro,

    certainly seems like Peter and/or admin don't welcome thinking people in MT anymore.

    more mahahypocritic excrement at work and play.

    but provocateurs are entertained.

    Proverbs 1:7 The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction.

    Pro 1:22 How long, ye simple ones, will ye love simplicity? and the scorners delight in their scorning, and fools hate knowledge?

    Romans 1:22 Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools,

  8. Bendahara,
    Thanks for the reminder Josh.
    Too bad you mistake disgust for fear.
    You sure as hell were among those who any thinking man wouldn't miss
    - at least on this blog .....
    You definitely weren't one of the thinkers I'd appreciate and would wanna remember. It's sad that you wear it with pride
    Thanks for the reminder anyways.

  9. I beg and plead to RPK to release the comments in MT... Man those days were......LOL

    You know, everywhere I go, everything I say, I get judged. What does the Bible say of those who constantly judge other?

    I did some research, this "josh" guys claims to be Punjabi, in their scripture, there is a lot more than subtle hints talking about people who walks around talking shit about others, but mate, 4 fingers are pointing at you.

    Some people claim to hold "western" principals, but stereotyping is ain't one of it mate. Each action you stereotype me, and your stereotype of me is changing daily...

    Maybe I'm the textbook example why people should not stereotype.

  10. "You definitely weren't one of the thinkers I'd appreciate and would wanna remember. It's sad that you wear it with pride
    Thanks for the reminder anyways."

    Hanya Jauhari mengenal manikam.

    You know, last time, the very smart guy, the one lah, "he who should not be named" told me "I really rate myself", tapi dah tarik balik kot....

    as for you, you probably judge others using other measures.. I wouldn't believe it at that time that I will say this, but sorry if any of you guys were offended... looks like it was lots of fun, but some of you guys did take MT seriously and was probably fucking pissed with me...

    Before I go, if you have access to the archives, go back and read... I made a comparison between Parti IMP by Dato' Onn during Independence and PKR, with the hate for Anwar controlling my writings, I said PKR will never work coz IMP didn't work...

    Just after that sucker Anwar won the a few extra seats, he said "Who said PKR won't work coz IMP didn't" last year... that sucker was reading MT all the time, and reinvented himself based on all the trash written. MT was never nice to Anwar in the early days... so you guys did play a part... good luck.try to retain whatever left..

  11. Dear Bendahara,
    "Do Unto Others, as you would Like them Do unto you"

    No need to beg and plead. Be civil - just don't invite judgment by reacting negatively.
    What goes around, comes around.It's as simple as that, mate.

  12. Every movement that moves from a small following to a larger one will always inevitably suffer from dumbing down.

    We've seen it in how formerly less mainstream movements (punk music, video games) had devoted followings that were then diluted when the masses got hold of it.

    So MT has gone mainstream, and the unwashed masses have poured in.

    However, at the same time, it seems that you've chosen to make everything personal.

    Isn't this argumentum ad hominem?

    In any case, this is all the more argument for a free press, which allows any publication to be as tabloid-ish or as bias as they want to, but gives access to all sorts of biases for the masses to indulge in.


  13. Dear me (or should I say, Dear Me!),

    "Ad Hominem" you say? Maybe - depending on how you look at it.
    What I perceive is bigger than MT or RPK - there's more to it.

    However, being just an ordinary citizen, I suppose I could do well to avoid commenting on MT - for the time being at least.
    I too, have "miles to go before I sleep" instead of indulging myself pointlessly in others' 'spin'- that's all.

    Meanwhile we can always watch from the sidelines the direction MT is taking readers.
    Cheers, buddy!

  14. Dear Cruz, do try again to log in at MT. If the block is clearly deliberate, I will stop visiting and posting at MT. The main reason I go there is for the lax moderation.


  15. Hi Asam Laksa!
    You guys are great man. Thanks for your support.
    Ok - I'll login again to make it clear that it "was a technical glitch" as mtadmin said in the email I just received.
    Thanks again, guys.

  16. Hi Cruz,

    I have been following MT just quite recently...but being unable to register...I am afraid I can only view and have my share as a guest. However, even a humbled guest still has his own thoughts and mind, so if it is not too much of a trouble, could you kindly help me post my following comment in MT? Would appreciate if you could help me get my thoughts through. Bless you.

    Friedrich Nietzsche once wrote - "a man who fights monsters must be careful that he does not become a monster himself"

    We must beware while of fighting injustice, tyranny and oppression. Wars fought has never on one side. With both end seeking their own justice, noone can define what is wrong from what is right. For what is right, anyway?

    A fair society understands the compromise and acceptance by others. We need that. Every right demanded is a compromise from others to be accepted. And every right granted is testament to that understanding by that community.

    We can twist, spin and turn. But in the end, the need of others we all must learn. Myself, I am a bystander, a product of our country & society. My only hope for our beloved country is that one day, we will be able to see the demand fairness and equality is not seen as a threat to the privilege of others; but as a call for empathy from people whose heart are not empty.

  17. above message posted on MT,No Holds Barred as follows:
    written by cruzeiro, June 15, 2009 10:57:40


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