Monday, 15 November 2010

Zaid- The Track Record of a "tenacious fighter"

(continued from The "3rd Force" Conundrum .... and more bla,- Pt. ...)

"Saya berharap Haris Ibrahim dan rakan – rakannya
dapat menjadi tulang belakang kepada pembentukan kuasa ketiga ini
dan menyokong Zaid Ibrahim untuk mengetuai kuasa ini."
-Shen Yee Aun, Demi Malaysia, Haris Ibrahim Harus Membantu Zaid ....

In the recent past, many mistook me for a Zaidophile- simply because I agreed with many of the ideals Zaid Ibrahim spoke of. Some were quite surprised that I said I rooted for Azmin in the PKR elections.
(Just for the resord- I'm no member of any political party, okay)
Agreeing with an opinion does not mean that one has to be supportive of the persons leadership qualities- that is if he had such a quality in the first place.If at all, I disappointed them- too bad guys- I make no apologies. Maybe you should learn to draw the lines between a man, his words and his politics.

Now let me move on to what Yee Aun mentions so boldly above, (but then again says, "3rd force is not about Zaid Ibrahim." )- Yee Aun and all those political juveniles who dream of "Mr. Principled Politics leading the third force", wake up, will you!!
You really don't know what you speak of, do you?
How do you know what the person is made of?
Simple- just look at his track record ....

Firstly, remember that a man is the product of his past- the things he stood for. He does not "suddenly" come to his senses, and then walk on in glory as usual- he usually has to acknowledge his mistakes, give up his past and usually plead for another chance in humility.
Then learn to differentiate between the person and his words. Words come easy, especially for politicians.Remember that ideas he speaks of don't necessarily have to be what the the person is made of.
Now I don't care if he has stables full of horses, drinks Henessy on-the-rocks, has camels, catamites or a harem to service his lust ... or has the habit of sucking his thumb in bed, for that matter- even if it's wrong according to UMNO's NEP,"social contract", NKRA, ETP, PPP or whatever else.
All that matters is his "track record".
So let's talk about Zaid's track record of "Idealism" where "Rule of law" or justice is, okay ...
"I was in UMNO for over 23 years. I have gone through a lot. I got suspended, got dropped as a candidate, lost election over 10 year- period before I won but I did not resign. My record is that of a very tenacious political fighter ...."
-Zaid Ibrahim, The "Principled" Politician

Yeah, yeah- in those 23 yrs of Zaid's Umno membership, I'm sure the media was so full of this tenacious fighters staements in protest against Mahathirs crony-capitalist policies, piratization, racist polity and the rape of the Federal Constitution ......... NOT!!!
Here is a man who apparently "sacrificed a lot" in UMNO, for 23 yrs (aka the Mahathir yrs) when he made his fortune- order to become a Cabinet Minister, by "giving up" a "successful" law practice which thrived as a result of patronage.
Yes- I'm sure his record is that of a "tenacious political fighter" ... until the gravy-train dried up.

Here is a man who speaks of justice- when he formed or (helped form) the Muslims Lawyers' Association (of which he was the President as a lobby group for his political Master, Mahathir- during the challenge against Mahathir's "rule by law".
This is the very man who suggested that the Bar Council President should be the Minister of Law!!

Here is the man who saw that he couldn't work with Umno, and seeing sentiments on the ground, saw that PKR had "potential"- so, upon being "sacked" from Umno, claimed that he "didn't have the money for a new party" (now he has the money, okay), started affiliating himself to PKR.
"I will have to find a seat somewhere.
If I have to form my own party, I will do it. Maybe not a big party.
I will do what I feel. I am a issue related politician,
I will support the PM if I feel so and I am free to criticise BN
or the opposition or anyone."

~ "Mr Tenacious Z"
This is the man, who upon joining PKR at the height of its popularity post-308, claimed that he wishes no political posts, and only wanted to "serve for the good of the people"- but cannot be a team player, to achieve those very goals he speaks of.
So he went around, apparently hammering a deal on "formalizing" a written constitution/understanding among the main parties, so as to register this coalition as a Formal Coalition (I donno if the "gas-stove" like thingie is the agreed symbol, though ...)- but nothing has come off all the exercise, I gather. Of course, of course- it is the "ROS" which is giving all the problem ....

The Hulu Selangor by-election was a setback for this selfless, horse-riding/breeding/keeping/whatever idealist of a patriot- what a humiliation for a high & mighty idealist, to lose at an election wherein he should've won hands-down!! We all know what happened- and so does he ... and everything changed .... but it remained under wraps, and the high-flung idealistic "rule of law" rhetoric continued to drool from this "statesman" to the adoring fans of his in his stable.

But anyways- all that changed when "Elections" ("for what it is worth"- being the first) were announced within PKR-
Zaid - a FRESHIE in the party, just learning to play marbles in the electoral pact that went miles ahead without him in 12th GE- suddenly wants the No.2 post!!
He does that, while he raves, rants & whines about the flaws in the system (which did not even exist during his idealistic glory years in UMNO!!)

I could go on about this "tenacious political fighter", guys- but I think my coffee is getting cold, and I wouldn't waste good coffee on this Mr "Principled Politics". I'd rather bet on my pet Beagles- Chopper & Mojo - than this guy.
Take care, all you Zaidophiles ....

(NOTE TO HARIS IBRAHIM:- I donno if you include yourself among these gullible, impessionable, idealistic/altruistic juveniles, Haris- but judging from the above quote, surely many would, or would like you to).

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