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2011- A Malaysia in Denial ... and Frustration.

Rogol Amah : Nah!! Nama Menteri itu terpapar dalam laporan ini..

"The Kedah PAS Ulama Council has unanimously rejected the views expressed by Dr Mujahid Yusuf Rawa in his book “Menuju PAS Baru (Towards a New PAS).”
-PAS ulamas reject book on party
"The State Government will either have to shut up and agree to the choice of the Federal Government or else go to war with the Sultan.
-In other words….
"The opposition does not appear to be able to see who its friends and who its enemies are."
‘Paranoid’ aides told church to remove crosses for Najib visit"
Jakim says powerless to act against gay Malay
Staid papers suffer as gossip sells


As the year comes to a close, I can only express one sentiment after seeing all the shenanigans of our politicians (most of who think silly demoguery is "progressive")- frustration.

We had slogans galore ("1-Malaysia" included), scandals upon scandals, nauseating racism & bigotry defended, hypocrisy promoted, mediocrity perpetuated, lies propagated, sensationalism created, rapes ignored, victims punished, stupidity rewarded, corruption excused, shameless clowning in courts applauded, injustice is twisted into virtue, education destroyed, the Federal Constitution subverted, Judiciary emasculated, Royalty politicised, Parliament destroyed, State Governments sabotaged, resources plundered and Rakyat subjugated.

We had Rosmah representing the PM (down with "chicken-pox"), Anwar(as always), Teo Nie Ching, Ronnie Liu (not his mole), APCO, Zaid Ibrahim, Muhyidin, Hishamudin, Ibrahim Ali, Rais Yatim (ongoing), Gobala(ongoing), Jakim/Jais, Isa (now Felda) etc tec etc being forever fodder for public ridicule.
Just a look at the things mentioned on the web is in itself mind-boggling.

The scariest part of it all- none of these guys seem to think that they're doing anything out of the ordinary!! It seems like they believe that it is all in a day's job!!
For the New Year- all I have is "hope". To have anything more than that in the "highly professional" politicians we have would be foolhardy.

Firstly, PR should remember that most Malaysians aren't as pro-PR, as much as they are anti-UMNO/MCA (which is the cornerstone of BN- MIC has been out for the last 10 yrs).
The reason for this is simple- UMNO is arrogant, and MCA feeds their ills by being docile & "selling out" (by doing 'social work' instead of defending political rights of Malaysia).
In doing so, BN has also blinded itself to the fact that the political dynamics they perpetuate is very destructive to the nation as a whole. They have also alienated those who criticise their ways in good faith (when they see the potential that is wasted).
To make matters worse, those who have criticized are labelled as ignorant "enemies", instead of partners in nation-building.

In saying this- I do not mean that this is a mindset isolated to BN guys- those in PR also suffer from the same "siege mentality". They too perceive BN as "enemies" rather than partners at nation-building- although their actions aren't as drastic and shameless as that of BN's. As a result of the decades old political practices under BN rule, this disease extends into the civil service, judiciary, police, army, parliament and many other sectors which are vital to the well-being of the country. In fact, I dare say that

"Political prophets" have said repeatedly that the sign of the fall of an empire, is the breakdown in its moral/philosophical raison d'etre, finances, services & infrastructure- and you cannot deny that it is happening in a Malaysia that has been plundered throughout the Mahathir years, and is now helpless to stop it thereafter.

BN is today going through what the Indian Congress Party, Japanese LDP, Taiwanese KMT and Indon's Golkar went through- the only difference is, they have a strong hold on the whole system through their imbeciles and sycophants placed strategically in the network.
While Pak Lah & Najib may have wanted to reform the party in the light of the stark realities they were faced with- the system controlled by the few elite wouldn't allow them to make those changes. For that to happen, I guess we need to wait for the demise of the "old guard".

I do not deny that PR has its shortcomings [like Chong Eng's Malay or Hadi/ Ronnie Liu's moles ;-)]- but as bad as they are at governance (despite the many improvements) as newbies, they are the only way I see, towards achieving our aim to reform the piracy that has been the culture of UMNO, and to make BN relevant once again.
For BN to be relevant, they have to shed their "siege mindset" and arrogance, learn to admit mistakes and give credit where it is due. PR on its part should refrain from emulating BN's bigotted ways (take note, Ronnie Liu/Hadi/Nasa).
Last but not least- they should understand the dangers of playing up a very divisive & destructive "R&R" (race & religion) polity, in their efforts to gain political mileage.

The world is on the verge of a financial meltdown- and our politicians are fighting about people's sexual preferences, clothes, power, God/religion, racial/religious/cultural supremacy, and other ikan bilis issues .....
All I can say is that the shamelessness shown by our politicians would put strippers & prostitutes to shame ....

They say, that when all is lost- only "Hope" can carry you through. I therefore look forward to that day when Malaysian politician exhibit greater statesmanship & less demagoguery- in hope.

Happy New Year, guys-
May the New Year bless Malaysia with less mindless politicians.

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